Stress and Body Symptoms

Your body symptoms can reveal much about

how well you treated yourself in the year gone by. If you ended up putting yourself through too much stress in 2013, which you might assume is no big deal, I urge you to look at how your psychology might have played havoc with your biology.

Stress, quite literally, is your mental & emotional

load bearing capacity. When you push yourself beyond this limit, you develop body symptoms that raise an alarm telling you to stop. Each person’s tolerance for stress is different and only you can know when enough is enough, by listening to your body.

If you went through brief bouts of stress last year,

you may have experienced some skin disorders such as sudden eruptions, itching, abrasions or eczema. If this happened to you, know that your skin was indicating that you were itching to get out of some situation that you were highly uncomfortable with.

Or if you had frequent episodes of stomach disorders

such as gastritis, acidity, re-flux(GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis or recurring dysentery, your stomach was telling you to find a way out of that situation or those circumstances that you were finding impossible to digest and which were perhaps making you burn up(acidity) with anxiety.       manage your stress copy

If you were under stress longer, say for over 3 months

continuously, you may have noticed your hair thinning. Or perhaps you observed it falling out in bunches when you washed it. If this sounds like you, your body has been trying to tell you for some time now that the way you have been dealing with your challenges or the environment you have been in and how you have approached it thus far, is not conducive for growth and that you need to be gentler with yourself. It also means that you spent little or no time nourishing your mind or catering to growth inducing habits.

If it isn’t hair fall, but premature graying that you

experienced, you probably packed in too much hard work this year, making your life lack luster. Or perhaps you spent far too much time being and thinking negatively, making the color fade away from your life.

If at the other end, you developed piles or

had episodes of anal hemorrhoids, you were too worried about either about your finances or your social acceptance in some area of your personal or professional life last year, and this affected your very foundation (root chakra at the base of the spine).

If you developed sleep disorders, or your sleep cycles

reversed and you found yourself tossing in bed unable to sleep at nights and occasionally nodded off during meetings, or in class, you definitely were under a great deal of stress last year, even though you may not be aware of it. Your circadian rhythms, which control your metabolic processes, may have consequently become disturbed, affecting both your physical well being and even your cognition.

This could have affected the clarity and precision

of your thinking and your creativity may have been compromised. You may have come down with infections, colds, coughs, and fevers frequently and your immunity may have been reduced indicating that you fell out of rhythm and alignment with the universal order of all things in 2013.

If you have encountered any of the above, or other

such bodily symptoms in the year that’s going by, listen to what they have been trying to tell you. Recognize where you have compromised your state of balance and commit yourself to restoring it in the New Year.

Know that humans are basically homeostasis

seeking beings and whenever this balance is disturbed, it creates pain, discomfort and disease. If you wish to live life to the fullest in the forthcoming year, begin to restore your balance now.



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