Chapter 3: Does Anyone Know What is Really Happening?

IMG_0573The world is not coming to an end and that is for sure

because if it did, all of you would have wasted all the effort that you made in the last two decades to rise higher. And we are so happy about that achievement of yours. So know that your progress cannot, and will not be undone. Know that there is only one direction that you have to move in now and that is upwards. Keep the faith and keep trying.

Do your bit as we told you all before. Your focus should not get diluted with all the questions and doubts; the if’s and how’s of the process, but instead remain deeply focussed on the task at hand. This is of utmost importance. For you have to train your minds to keep the distractions at bay.

Concerns, anxieties and doubts pull your energy down, so don’t indulge in them. Simply walk away from those that are trying to perpetuate fear or encourage doubts. They are anyways only interested in discussing it for academic purposes, to please themselves and pat themselves on their backs for being so up to date with the latest on world events and the esoteric realms. They are not attuned to the real work and they definitely have no knowledge about what is happening. So walk away from them, preserve your energies for you have work to do.

But does anyone really know what is happening? I mean on our plane?

Yes there are people around your planet that we are speaking to and they can hear us. They are reporting these facts and some of them are true. Not all reported facts are true but some certainly are. As the time in your dimension moves ahead more clarity will be provided to a wider audience but for now only those who have to work in alignment with the core tasks and whose faith is unquestioning are being spoken to.

A wider broadcast of these details shall be made available when we deem that the time has arrived. When more of you are receptive to act on the information and not just engage in mere discussion and debate, but are truly volunteering to serve this occasion; it is then that others shall be embraced in this endeavour.

When do you think that will happen?

We wish we could determine that but it is not in our power. That power is only yours. You all will determine and decide when you have the readiness to hear, to receive, to act. Do you understand?

Well kind of, but how do we get ready, so to say?

Follow the seven steps that have been asked of you. Clean up your auric and mental garbage. Be aligned with the cause. Don’t succumb to doubt. Don’t think that it is someone else’s problem. That someone somewhere will sort this mess out. No! And we can’t be more emphatic about this.

 It is your problem. Your mess. Your task. Your homework. Your desire and intent. Your commitment. Your endeavor. And your persistence that will make things move along so much faster. So get to work now. Tell yourselves, this is the most important thing in my life today. Give it that level of importance. Only then can this shift occur. Do you hear?

Yes it’s loud and you are very clear.

So what are you still waiting for? Wondering where on earth you will find time to do all of this. Well, we could suggest you do it in your shower, your cars, and your trains. Do it while you wait in the traffic. Do it when you pray (that is if you do really pray). Else do it when you hang out with friends. Convince them also that this is important. Do it when you walk or run on the treadmills or work out at gyms or visit parlours or salons. Do it when you dance or sing. You have all the time but alas you can’t see it.

So start by just telling yourself, I know this is important. I am committed to making this change happen and then you are gently giving yourself permission to open the windows of your mind and see the possibilities simply coming your way not once but many times in a day.

Well I am sort of beginning to understand, but aren’t people going to think I’m strange doing all this publically?

What are you doing that people will know of. It’s an internal process. It has to happen only within you. It only needs your awareness and some time. That is all. So how will people know about it?

I mean, what if I talk about it?

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, don’t. There are many others who could volunteer to handle that part. You do what you are comfortable with. Or you may decide to talk to only some people and not others or not talk at all. The only real thing that matters is doing what you have to. So see for yourself but start the internal process. That should not be postponed. Start today when you go to bed.

I guess that is possible. Bedtime is good.

And when you practice this art of going inwards at bedtime, you will gain clarity over so many myriad issues that are clouding your life. Not only will it improve your tomorrows, but it will make a world of difference to your todays also. Trust us. It is the best service you can do for yourself and for humanity both.

Do we have your permission to convert others to this process too?

Convert is a racist word and we don’t ever use it. You don’t convert, you share from your life what works for you and why. When people resonate with your sense of calmness, when they see that you have truly benefitted not in a material way but as a human, then they will be tempted to try it themselves. But only share, don’t force your views or experience on those that are not ready to receive this information yet.

 I hope you understand why we are saying this? You need to conserve your energies for your own good. Do your work diligently and that is sufficient. It is good enough, so don’t waste time, energy and your mental resources in converting disbelievers. They are yet to reach a point of understanding that allows them to comprehend and see. They will get there eventually but don’t push them prematurely. Let them reach full term and when they are ready, they will hear from whosoever is assigned with the task of lighting their spiritual fires.

So you are saying that we should simply stick to our own tasks.

Precisely, for then you can evolve and grow at a pace that is unthinkable. And your growth will be of help in exponential ways to many more people. So just focus on yourselves and be the centres of your own transformations.

That is all for now.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo credit: Esha Singh



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