Does Everyone Regress?

Not everyone regresses at the first instance.

This may be because they are too anxious, to attached or concerned about the process or simply unable to achieve a relaxed state of mind. In some instances, if one is not intuitively ready to address the traumas of the past and needs to wait until a future time when they are more prepared, regression may be difficult to achieve.

Others who are very intellectual & logical

or have a great need to be in control of themselves may also not regress. Fears such as those of being manipulated or controlled by the therapist or those who have some history of abuse might find it difficult to regress at the first few sessions needing to build a good and comfortable level of rapport with the therapist before they can let go of their apprehensions.

However there are others who go into

regression quiet easily, naturally and comfortably. In my practice I have observed that when people are truly ready to heal a certain aspect of their life they enter into regression rather naturally and experience remarkable healings. Usually emotional people tend to regress more easily than those who have shut away their emotions.

People who have a tendency to think too much

and worry excessively or those who suffer from too much stress or insomnia characterized by very high beta brainwave activity also find it difficult to relax and move into alpha state which is the gateway through which memory retrieval occurs.

Last though not any less important is when

people are simply too tired they drift off into sleep and while they wake up refreshed they do not allow the journey of regression to occur.



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