Dream Analysis – Pants down

This is a recurring dream with me. My pants are down many a time. I am at my adjustment basement with bloody eyes barely able to see behind a column and am trying to put my pant on. I see the security guards outline so I threateningly go towards the door asking him what is he doing and tell him to open it. As he opens it I am thinking; when he does open the pit what will I do and how.

Dear One

You seem to be at a stage in life when a part of you is ready to unravel the secret memories of your existence which lie buried deep inside, shut away in the pit of your basement or subconscious mind. You are in the twilight zone when you are partly in the light and partly in the dark. You want to tread on and yet are scared and hesitant to take this journey.

Since this is a recurring theme, clearly this process has been on for some time now. Although these themes and memories are rising in your awareness you are still not clear what to make of them, how to assimilate and integrate them such that you can use their messages to get ahead and rise above your pain (Bloody eyes).

Your conscious mind is interfering and trying to withhold your entry into the subtler metaphysical levels of your conscious because it is worried about what it might discover and thereafter what you might need to do with what you discover.

Clearly you are ready to delve deeper into the secret chamber of your memories, but the fear of change keeps you from treading further. This dream is guiding you about your default behaviour and the struggle between wanting to move on and explore the realm of the unknown on the one hand and stay with the safe, comfortable and boring status quo on the other.

And yet, almost unwittingly you have already embarked on this journey by asking the security guard to open the door.



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