Dream Symbols – Tiger

Is there any specific meaning if we see animals in our dream like a tiger?

If the tiger is vicious in the dream, it reflects that your disowned self is seeking expression. If it has been tamed (in the dream)  and is supporting you, it reflects that the shadow self has been acknowledged & that it has befriended your ego; implying that you can harness its power.

If you were to write the context of the dream I could help with a more appropriate symbolism.

The tiger did not attack me from a short distance

but we were at the bottom of a hill and when i looked at the top by chance, it was coming towards me down the small hill….. it was night… i remember only so much….

Were you scared or overwhelmed…how did you feel in the dream?

Yes… I was scared

If there is one thing about your life that you could change right now what would it be?

 Dunno exactly what I could change

I have become a lot stronger than before.. but I need to be stronger than this…. emotionally.

Some aspect of your life is calling your attention in which you are facing a loss of power and the tiger is a reminder of that. You are scared to change the status qwo and yet some part of you is tired and needs to break free. Examine which aspect of your life you are feeling this way in.

Dreams are powerful friends

and can lead you back to wholeness and healing if you will listen to their calling. I hope this helps you in some way dear. Incidentally its not about what you could change but rather what you wish would change if anything & everything was possible. Also this is an area that probably seems really daunting to you as the tiger is on the big hill and you on the small one. Whatever you wish to make happen appears to be almost too big for you to take on right now. However know that this is only your perception and that you can befriend the tiger if you truly want to.

Thank you very much Suzy Singh…. it gave a clear picture of what it means.. it really helped me a lot…… my heart felt thanks.




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