Dysfunctions Of The Overprotective Parent 6

 Sometimes concern for the well being

and safety of the child can cause parents to become overly caring and protective, stifling the child’s natural instinct to discover and explore life. This disables the child’s learning ability to fend for himself making him physically and emotionally dependent on the parent or caretaker.

These children are always under the watchful

gaze of the caretaker, are regularly rescued from unsavory fights and disagreements with friends, are constantly reminded to be careful and are likely to be assisted entirely with all school projects and homework by an over enthusiastic parent.

They may repeatedly be told to be cautious

of strangers, but here the apparent well being of the child’s safety has a spin effect of creating a belief system in the child’s mind that the world is an unsafe place where bad things can happen.Unknowingly fear takes root in their tender psyches. Communication about safety must be balanced with trust so that the child feels safe and protected and exercises appropriate caution.

As these kids grow up they are likely to

expect others to take care of their needs as they have never had the chance to practice or learn how to stand up for themselves or take care of their requirements. Unfortunately this also impacts their self worth negatively and they start avoiding challenges, lack self drive and initiative. They rarely explore new avenues and stick to the comfort of the safe and known. This limits exploration of their own potential and many end up becoming rigid and superstitious.

Some may cope with this feeling of insufficiency

by camouflaging it with an expanded ego or a sense of false pride. Others may become vulnerable to panic attacks, becoming frozen in the face of new situations and challenges. And still others may be afflicted with the Peter Pan syndrome, never seeming to grow up enough to shoulder the responsibility of others well into their adulthood.

When you allow your child the freedom

to fall and fail she/he learns how to rise from each fall and develops resilience and strength to withstand all of life’s challenges powerfully, with courage and determination.



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