Quick Tip 26: Gazing Into the Three Worlds

Eyes carry the mysteries of our soul. They also navigate our perception. As I contemplated my experiences and conversations with nature here in south island (NZ), I received a wonderful insight.

When we turn our eyes skyward, we activate our memory, we remember, relive, and receive powerful insights. Perhaps that is why the eyes are rolled upward in meditation, in alpha and deeper sleep states. This is how we can reach out to the creator and attempt to connect with Him also.

When our gaze is forward looking, at eye level, we are observing and absorbing the environment we live in. This allows us to connect with the part of God that lies outside of us, His other expressions. In this way, we can be in the present moment. We can fully relate with others.

When our gaze is downward, we travel to our interior selves, our feelings. Here we discover how we have understood God and those around us. We process our responses to our individual perceptions about life. Our hurts & scars can only be discovered in this way. When we look down we activate the messages stored in our hara point.
The three worlds above us, around us and in us can be switched on by using the right gaze.


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