Sai Explains Why We Worship Deities

Me: Baba, if God is within us, then why do we pray to these external gods and deities?
Sai: All the external gods and deities are reflections of the divine powers that reside within you.

Me: Then why should we pray to them?
Sai: So that you may awaken those powers within you. In essence, the one you pray to is none other than your own true SELF. Recognize who you truly are, and what your real potential is. All that is needed is for you to awaken these forces in you.


Me: But for me YOU are God!
(Message received in Hindi. For English translation see below)
Sai says:
Agar meri chavi tujhe us khuda tak pahuchne me madadgar hai to theek hai
Par itna jaan leh
Mein keval tujhe wahan tak pahuchane ka ik bahana hoon
Mein tujh mein hoon, tu mujh mein
Koi antar nahin
Pahuchna sabko us Maalik ke paas hai

English translation of Baba’s message:

Sai: If my manifest form helps you to connect with the Creator of the universe, that too is fine
But know this;
I am merely the means, a bridge that shall help you reach that Divine Source of all things

I am within you, and you are within me
Nothing separates us
We must all reach that One and only true Divine Source

These messages and answers have been received during meditation and trance states.



  1. Dana says:

    Now I know why everyone around me was crying while Baba was talking… If only those who read this could hear and feel that softness and love in your voice while message was getting conveyed… Ahhhhhhh…
    Thank you Suzy… However, I’m still eagerly waiting to read the translation of the rest of Baba’s msg related to our group… 😉

    • suzysingh says:

      The message you are referring to is posted under – Sai speaks: Bring the fist together – in the Masters speak section. Do read it also. Baba’s words are sheer poetry and you will know why everybody was crying…

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