Guidance from Revered Guru Nanak Dev

Why is there so much darkness in our world?

In the beginning darkness was created to help you see the light. But you got so immersed in it that you forgot its true purpose and have remained lost to it ever since. Only those who remember to use darkness to reach their inner illumination are able to cross the deep sea of darkness. It is their inner illumination that helps them to swim across without being drowned or devoured by it.

Babaji why are we asked to drink so much water during this period of Earth changes and consciousness shift?

There are certain vacuole faculties in the brain cells that need to be transformed. We do not say mutated for the process is different. The proteins in the cells need to be dissolved and this process requires water. On dissolution a new configuration of the protein is assembled to enable the new energy to enter and allow the person to vibrate at a higher frequency. Once transfigured, the brain cells send signals to all other cells in the body to follow the process till the entire being is transformed.

Sometimes I have the experience that I am breathing from the top of my head. Is that possible?

The point above the head – the dasam dwar – has all the powers of perception that the 9 other orifices serve. You can see within and without, hear, smell, taste and even excrete waste material  in the form of energy from here. It can enable you to do all of these things and more. Mastering this gateway is what makes one a super human.

What is our primary responsibility babaji?

Your first community is your body of cells and it is to them that you owe your first responsibility to. They are each alive with an individual conciousness. They feel love, pain and neglect. It is your primary responsibility to look after their well being. Connect to each cell, speak to it, love it and give it your attention and affection. Take responsibility for your body. A healthy body implies that you are able to love and be responsible at the level of the smallest and most basic level. Unless you learn to love your body you are truly incapable of loving anything or anyone else


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