What Stops You From Succeeding

If you are experiencing career & work issues,

depressive thoughts, suffer from body aches & pains, have trouble in relationships, suffer from fears & phobias, are experiencing difficulty getting married or have recurring life patterns; you may be carrying programs or emotions that are blocking your ability to create the life you dream of.

Unknown to us we carry in our personal unconscious

several painful emotions and limiting mental program’s created by us or inherited from our parents and ancestors. These are carried in our DNA and become lodged in our cellular memory and organs becoming activated at stressful or emotionally trying times, like viruses, making us susceptible to certain illnesses and typical life patterns. And if you have children, chances are you may transfer the emotional gene to them also.

Our inability to do the things that we

consciously want to, such as create success and prosperity, reflect this dichotomy between the conscious and unconscious mind. Similarly, dreaded illnesses may not be hereditary but the programs that we carry nurture a predisposition for them.

So if your mother suffered from cancer,

and you absorbed the negative emotions & programs that caused it in her, and if you keep strengthening those patterns by thinking and behaving in similar ways, you could manifest the cancer too. But thankfully you don’t have to if you so choose.

Fortunately the negative charges from these

trapped emotions can be energetically cleared and the limiting mental programs in your personal unconscious & subconscious can be rewritten. All you need to do is to heal your unconscious mind so that you can be free from acquired (both personal & inherted) burdens & limitations and instead lead a happy and fufilling life in the present.


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