15. Healing Relationship with Parents Prayer

One from whose womb all things emanate

Grant me vision to see and contemplate

That when my parents hurt me and pushed me away

They did so out of Divine love and not to betray

To let my soul walk the path that I chose

So I may progress and become more whole


Grant me wisdom that I may understand

That earthly events don’t always make sense

That it wasn’t just them who seemed to err

But equally I who had shut away my doors

Pushing them away so far from my heart

Deepening the chasms that have kept us apart


Give me the courage so I may believe

Forgiving them is the only way I can redeem

Letting go of all anger, resentments and memories

Of unknowing pains they may have cast upon me

Of mindless misunderstandings that have made me weep

And love unexpressed that I craved to receive


Let your Light & grace be upon me

So I may have strength to know and to see

To embrace my parents without judging their part

To forgive them through your compassionate heart

To let go of all questions, doubts and regrets

And sow the seeds of acceptance and joy instead


To know that everything that ever came to be

Was divinely ordained and chosen by me

Knowing that my parents were assigned that role to help

To nudge and to push me to get ahead

That without help from those two divine souls

I know now, I could not reach my goal


If you feel that you have been hurt, neglected, abandoned, rejected, stifled in your expression, or let down by your parents in any other way, you may be unknowingly nursing resentments against them.

This manifests in the energy of anger that  may be so often be triggered off in your relationships. Realize that you have chosen this life-script so that you can learn and grow. Your parents played the perfect role. One which could help you awaken to the lessons that your soul needed.

However when you hide behind the mask of anger, and believe life is unjust, you prevent your own progress and slow down your evolutionary journey.

You deny yourself the joy that forgiveness makes possible. You prevent your soul from realizing its true potential.

This prayer can help you heal the blocks that keep you from awakening forgiveness in your heart.







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