12. Hatred In Relationships

A young man of 29 came into therapy

wanting to address the hatred that he felt towards his father. He was an intelligent man who loved mimicry and the creative arts but he had never been able to spread his wings and fly because his father had thwarted his every creative initiative and aspiration since he was a child.

He had often seen his father drink and abuse his mother

in his formative years and this made the boy even angrier. Over the years he developed performance anxiety particularly in his father’s presence and hated the way his father treated people.

The extent of his seething rage became apparent when in trance the boy shouted abuses at his father and screamed that he wanted to choke his neck and bang his head against the wall. His heart was not just closed but dead towards his father.

When he was regressed back to a lifetime

that could help him understand why he felt such deep hatred for his father he saw himself in a scenic and beautiful Asian village with elephants and picturesque countryside touched by Chinese and Buddhist influences. He later recognised this place to be Myanmar.

He saw glimpses of various scenes that appeared to be telling a deeper story. First he saw himself as a 32 year old man called Goren, wearing pajama trousers and playing with an elephant. He repaired roads for a living and was working in a hilly region when an elephant passing by was stopped by him so he could play with it, amuse himself and entertain his friends.

He then saw himself wandering around the village at night

with his friends and mischievously blowing out the divas lit in front of people’s huts. This was not a good sign and a small girl of 9 or 10 years standing and watching him from the roof of one of the huts begged him not to blow out the lamps but he didn’t seem to care.

Next he saw flashes of him vandalizing

the spice station of a woman who had set out the spice bowls after preparing them. He along with his friends broke all the bowls, threw them on the floor and then ran away.

In the next scene he saw himself standing on a cliff with a priestess. He was sad because he was handing over a statue to her. 37 years old at this instance he claimed to be performing a ritual.

He explained that this ritual was a local custom

in which Shaoli, their revered childlike God, considered a Devta was being taken away from him as he was considered undeserving of the Devta’s presence in his home. Devta had to be sent far away to a land that was a better place for him to reside in.

The man in my clinic had recently had a baby boy

and he remarked that Devta reminded him of his present child and made him even sadder. The baby was premature and had had suffered some health troubles at 2 months of age. Significantly the client had embraced the spiritual path around the same time as his son’s birth.

The priestess Koren told him that he had disturbed

and troubled a lot of people and hence Devta could not stay with him. After much probing, Koren informed that his misdoings included pushing the elephant down the cliff while playing with him and causing his death.

The young girl on the roof of the hut had to live in the darkness because of him and she too had died. It was believed that Goren was the reason for her death.

Suddenly at this point the man saw his present life father

standing in front of him in his mind’s eye. I guided him to ask his father to show him what he had done to his father in that lifetime as Goren.

Goren saw a boat with a lion on it, moving very fast and then suddenly the boat stopped mid waters and the lion was thrown into the waters and eaten up by a crocodile. Goren watched this from the shores of the water amused by this sight. He felt no regret or remorse for what happened to the lion. For him it was simply fun watching the lion tricked to his death.

Slowly he spoke again saying that it was he who had befriended the lion from the nearby jungle along with his friends and put him on the boat and set it sail. Once again he had been up to his merciless pranks.

Next he saw himself handing over the Devta to the priestess and said in a soft voice;

“Devta is like the baby boy at home. Baby boy is going.”

His voice cracked tearfully at this point

and having recovered after a long silence as though assimilating all these images he spoke again.

“The priestess is my mother in this life and the lion is my father. Devta is my son. My ordeal is over. The Devta is back with me. I have been forgiven.”

A long therapy session ensued

in which Goren sought forgiveness from the spirit of the Lion, the Elephant, the young girl and all others he had caused trouble to in that life. He also made peace with all the elements and nature spirits and the Lords of the four directions for causing disturbance to the peace of that land.

Thereafter his entire present life was healed through Timeline therapy so that every morsel of hatred could be removed, transmuted and filled with love.

As soon as the client emerged from the session he said that he no longer felt any hatred for his father. As on date the client reports that his relationship with his father has been completely healed.

If there is someone you have a difficult relationship with, know that it may be a karmic carry over of some unfinished business or trauma from a past life. You can heal that relationship and complete that karma if you choose now to heal your unresolved past and make your present more peaceful. Call me now for a past life healing session.

Love & Light to all you spiritual beings who have braved a human incarnation in order to evolve your souls,




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