36. Holding on to the Dead

The voices in her head had just been growing stronger over the last month. Often she would hear people fighting and arguing, even though no such conflict was occurring in her surroundings. Even though she was far more settled emotionally since her last session, she found that her interest in her prayers had diminished and she would often feel fearful that something bad would happen.

During therapy we discovered that she had a large number of discarnate spirits attached to her, which included the spirit bodies of her mother and father. Her father had passed away suddenly almost two decades ago, but the grief still overwhelmed her. She had wanted to spend some more time sharing her joys and sorrows with him and ached for him to be with her. Her mother had passed over fifteen years ago and while she had been taking her last breaths, my client had cried bitterly, saying that she could not live without her mother and would simply die if her mother left her and moved on. Even as she remembered those moments when her parents passed away, a torrent of endless tears ensued from her eyes.

After explaining to her that by holding on to the spirit of her parents, she had prevented their further spiritual journey and incarnation, she agreed to let them go bur felt a strong resistance in releasing them. She worried about being left alone and was anxious about how she would cope without their presence. After lengthy therapeutic interventions, she finally agreed to release them through the processes that were taught to her.

Excessive attachment & emotional dependence on people who have passed on is damaging for both the person still living and those who have died. Neither is able to independently continue the process of spiritual growth and evolution. Also, the transference effects from the deceased interferes with the physical, emotional and mental well being of the living being. At a fairly young age, my client suffers from exactly the same set of ailments that her mother suffered from.

When a loved one dies, it is important that you feel, express and process your grief. Then, let your loved ones move into the light. Don’t cling to them. Don’t feel helpless and inadequate without them. Don’t keep wanting or asking for them to return. Off course you will still miss them, but if you keep feeling that you cannot live your life without them, their spirit tunes into your thoughts and stays back with you, obstructing the cycle of evolution.

The best gift you can give the spirit of a loved one after their demise is the confidence that you are strong enough to cope with their moving on, and a heartfelt prayer that they may merge with the divine source.


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