25. Ho’oponopono Practice

This ancient Hawaiian practice was used by the natives of Hawaii for healing and reconciliation in families.
It employs the three powerful limbs of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude to clear the mind of resentment, anger, rejection and separation. When performed regularly, with an attitude of sanctity, this practice can have profound effects and heal the deepest of hurts that prevent you from accepting and loving others.


The method that I have found most effective is shared below:

1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Bring to mind the presence of the person you wish to forgive or with whom you want to heal your relationship. Say the words, Dear….(mention name or relationship. Example, dear mother, dear Susan etc)

2. Now say the following sentence out loud.
Please forgive me.
Your mind will automatically ask the question, for what am i seeking forgiveness? Answer that question visually in your mind. See images about what it is that you are seeking forgiveness for. Watch them patiently, and wait until they fade. You may find many images rising and fading successively. Simply witness them. If emotions become unlocked, express them completely. Don’t suppress any feeling. Remember, the Ho’oponopono means, to do mental cleansing. Allow the cleaning to occur. If tears flow, do not stop them at any point through the entire process. If nothing happens, that too is fine. When the mind becomes still and all images have faded, move to the next part in the process.

3. Say the next sentence out loud.
I am sorry
Now bring up images that relate to why you are sorry. For example, I am sorry for judging you, for not understanding you, not caring about you, or saying mean things about you, etc. Wait for images to appear and fade. Feel your feelings intensely and completely. Allow your heart to open and express itself freely. When you feel completely still, move to the next part.

4. Now say out loud;
I love you
Bring up images of how you would ideally like to relate to this person, when both of you have reconciled your differences and are able to accept each other in a loving way. Or perhaps you may see images about how you loved that person before things went wrong. Stay with those loving feelings and thoughts until all images fade and stillness descends.

5. Lastly declare out loud;
I thank you
Mentally explore all reasons for thanking them. For example, I thank you for being in my life, I thank you for teaching me to be non judgmental, I thank you for forgiving me, I thank you for supporting me etc. When all images have faded and you feel the peace and lightness of forgiveness and love in your heart, open your eyes and smile.

Continue the practice daily until you see a real transformation in your relationship.


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