How does the Human Energy Body become blocked?

Most of us believe that we have only one body – the physical body, because that is what our eyes perceive. However studies of the Human Energy Field have shown that there are other subtle bodies or electromagnetic fields that surround our physical body each vibrating at a higher frequency than the one that lies within it. This is also referred to as the human aura.

All humans have five bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual that overlap each other and work together as a complete energetic system. The vibrating frequency of each body determines its state of health and wholeness.

Whenever you experience negativity either in the form of emotions such as anger, pain, sadness, rejection, hurt etc. or think negative thoughts about others or yourself, the frequency of vibration of one or more of your subtle bodies slows down. Habitual behaviours and fixed ways of negative thinking and being over a period of time greatly reduces the vibrating frequencies of your mental and emotional bodies causing your energies to become blocked. These eventually move deeper within the system and finally manifest as disease in your physical body.

Keep your thoughts positive Because they become your words Keep your words positive; They become your behavior  Keep your behavior positive; It becomes your habit. Keep your habits positive; They become your values. Keep your values positive; They become your destiny. – M K Gandhi

All disease manifests first in the subtle bodies and then slowly penetrates the deeper layers finally afflicting the physical body. People who have a finely developed sixth sense can see these blocks as discolorations in the aura. Others who meditate regularly receive guidance and information through the medium of dreams to clear out the negativity from their subtle bodies so that their energy bodies can be purified and renewed.

However most of us need some form of external support from a trained therapist to help identify and heal these blocks.

Restorative Hypnotherapy connects you to your subtle bodies by unraveling the deeper thoughts and feelings hidden in your subconscious mind thereby helping you to identify the very source of the blocks and enabling therapeutic interventions to eliminate the very root of the disease and heal you.


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  1. suzysingh says:

    Dear K,
    Cancer of the breast occurs when you give off yourself to others more easily than you receive. It also manifests when someone over-nurtures another being, expecting and hoping that their love and attention will be reciprocated and remain unchanged through the passage of time.
    This unfortunately is not how life usually unfolds. The grief of being ignored or unloved by the very people that you have loved can feel like your own loved ones have turned against you causing deep pain and anguish through their neglect.
    This is then manifested in the microcosm of your body in the breast cells that turn against themselves and become cancerous.
    Learning to forgive those, who for some reason or the other may not have the time or intent to love you back or invest in you today involves insight and understanding, both of which become possible in therapy.
    Letting go of the attachment and expectation of reciprocation can set you free from the grief that you carry so close to your heart. You can then begin to learn the lesson of self love so you may heal not just your breast cancer but also your life and fill it with endless joys.
    You need to learn to love yourself and be loved by all the others who you may not have noticed in your life or who will begin to manifest once you choose to heal.
    I would be most happy to support your healing journey. May the Lord fill your heart with new hope and joy.

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