14. Freedom From Dark Forces

If we believe that there is day and night,

we cannot overlook the existence of darkness and light or good and bad energies. I have recently witnessed that these energies exist; both within and around us, influencing our lives, passions and actions in ways beyond our control.

 On a visit to my mentor,

I was given a set of Guggal incense sticks meant for space clearing our homes and was instructed to do the same. On the first night that I lit them at my home in Mumbai, I sensed the presence of several dark forces around me.

 For the next three consecutive nights

I was woken up abruptly at 3 am – the time when it is said that dark energies have unchecked sway. On the third night I felt a discernible presence of these forces creating unrest in my home through their undefined presence.

 The next morning my whole body

started to shiver and it seemed as though there was a battle ensuing inside of me. I did not understand it then, but these malevolent forces were driving me to create situations that were causing a breakdown in my relationships, aggravating the darkness within me by spurring my weakness- anger. It was as though some other power was forcing me to get angry and destroy myself including all that I built around me.

 I am grateful to my mentor and master,

who was also bearing the brunt of these heightened attacks by these dark forces even though she lives in Delhi. She was able to help me understand that these external forces were ruling over my life for the past several years. She also made me realize that I had taken a lot of time to return to her and continue the progress on my personal quest for truth; several years had gone by. But everything in life has a perfect time and I guess perhaps I was not completely ready before this.

 It was the morning after the three consecutive nights

of being woken up fearfully at 3 am, similar to what you see in those horror films, when I was having a near breakdown that my mentor sent me a message. She asked me to call her at a time when I had a moment of privacy. My whole body was shivering with the feeling of all the strange energy movements inside of me, especially in my arms, legs, stomach and shoulder blades. My shoulder blades felt stiff and were hurting a lot. It felt as though there was a ghost inside of me creating havoc.

 I called her and she conducted a spiritual cleansing

session over the phone that lasted over one and a half hours. Through her guidance and support and by granting me internal vision- I was able to see the dark forces- at first on a macro level then on a micro level.

 First I saw dark fumes of black smoke

swirling around my whole energy body. Then I realized I had been tied up by several amoeba like structures to my previous, self proclaimed Guru- who had turned out to be a cheater and traitor and was now controlling me through various dark means. He was attacking my second chakra too and I could see small beetle like insects crawling all over my second chakra.

 Step by step, my Healer and Mentor, Suzy,

at first granted me the power of the violet light vacuum cleaner that sucked in all the smoke from around me, followed by evacuation process using an incinerator that destroyed the vermin and the insects (actually they were all being transmuted to light and sent to another place in the universe designated by our Masters and Angels).

 Then I saw that person clinging to my shoulders

and resting on top of my body with the weight of his feet against my shoulder blades. I was able to cut him off with the power of the laser sword made of pure white light, once again granted with huge blessing by my mentor. Then she bathed me in a fountain of pure white light to recover and heal the wounds and instructed me to wear the protection shield every twelve hours as part of the healing process.

 After that session my pain has vanished

and I feel renewed energy. It was an amazing miracle. Joy and happiness have replaced fears and anxiety and most of all the physical pain has vanished too.

 I share this for all those people out there

who are suffering at the hands of these unknown dark forces. Know that it is imperative to live in the light and recognize the pure nature of your soul.

I am eternally grateful to all the Divine Masters, Teachers and all the Angels who were with her through this healing process.

I thank my Earthly Mentor, Suzy for all her guidance and protection during this battle with the dark forces and for setting me free.

 We all have a duty to discover our

true nature – our true soul essence. To help us along that path we must choose our Guru wisely.

One of the biggest sins as per Jain philosophy is following the wrong Master.

As per Sikhism too there is great reverence of the Satguru.

And to quote Lord Kabir, renowned master of the Hindu faith

“Gobind guru dono khare

kake lagon paaye?

Balihari gur aapne

jo gobind diyo bataye”

Meaning light is only shown by the masters.

Amid this storm I was fortunate

enough to discover that if you seek the light hard enough, the sun is always there for you, even at night. It’s just that we simply can’t witness its light.

 I have finally found my Master

in my mentor and I urge you all to be careful and exercise caution while choosing yours.

Feeling deeply blessed




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