How Should Questions To The I Ching Be Framed?

All questions addressed to the I Ching

must be open ended. Close ended questions with yes no answers are not appropriate.  So for example if you wish to inquire about whether or not your should change your  job, frame the question to read as “kindly guide me about the outcomes of changing my job now” as against  “should I change my job now?”

It is ideal to design the question after

having given some thought to what you really wish to know. Surprisingly even if you don’t, the I Ching always intuits your deeper questions.

I am often surprised when

I come upon a reading, that on the face of things, appears to be disconnected from the question being asked. And yet on deeper probing, I have always found that something else was worrying the person at the time when the reading was done and this question was left inarticulated. Its just that the person had brushed this question aside, even though his mind knew it was important for him.

Know that the I Ching connects to

your deepest subconscious inquiry and you can never outsmart it with the power of your logical thinking. It is for this reason I suggest that you approach the oracle with purity of thought and intent.


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