How the moon affects us

Ever wondered why you feel so emotionally disturbed on full moon nights? The moon breathes the waters of the earth causing the oceans to rise and fall. 80% of our body is made up of water too and the waxing moon causes us to experience its magnetic cleansing power. Deep seated anger, pain and hurts come up for healing making us feel uneasy and restless because we need to face our demons. On full moon nights the effects of this cleansing are felt most powerfully, causing the darkness within each of us to surface in order to be transmuted. As the moon wanes we can once again let go and wait for the next cycle of cleansing to begin. Perhaps this is where mythical stories about the Werewolf emerging on full moon nights were born and the perhaps the oceans too become stormy so that the earth can be cleansed. Fortunately as the moon wanes we can let go of our breath and breathe easy once again …until the next cycle.




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