Within just 3 sessions I am a changed person.

I had been having strange thoughts

and images for quite sometime and they were not only sapping my energies but also hampering my daily life. As, I somewhat understand the the interplay of various energies in our life, I set out battling them on my own. However, finding the progress that I was making rather temporary and the overall progress frustratingly slow, I grew impatient and started looking for professional help.

  A friend of mine introduced me to ‘Suzy Singh’.

Having been to a few therapists earlier, honestly I approached Suzy with hidden skepticism and a prayer “GOD, let Suzy Singh not be one of those ‘a dime a dozen’ therapists you find in the market”.

 This time my prayers were answered

and right from the time I said hello to her she inspired the necessary confidence and dispelled all my skepticism. Believe me, within just 3 sessions i.e. a total of 7.5 hours, I am a changed person.

She helped me to break out of certain myths

that I had created about myself, resolve some karmic issues and above all helped me to sweep away all the muck that was inside me at the sub-conscious level.
Thanks Suzy.

Friends, I recommend Suzy Singh to one and all.

She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and above all non-judgmental and compassionate.
 Sandeep Gupta – Corporate Executive, Delhi

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