I Feel The Light Inside Me Has Been Enhanced

Dear Suzy ,

 It was destined that I should meet with you

and that explains how my Delhi visit was made possible and  how I happened to be staying in the same neighborhood as you during my visit.

God knew I needed to meet you.

I feel so much more positive after having met you. Our very first session produced great results for me. I feel as though the light has been enhanced inside of me.

The second session cleared the air on larger prospectives which we could work on since we then knew what we were dealing with and what we were up against.

The third session was again magically conjured as my return journey back to Bangalore got postponed due to reasons beyond my control.

The ‘feel good’ energy inside of me is phenomenal Suzy.

May you continue to light the lives of those who come to you with the special gift that God has given to you.

Best wishes

Anish – Businessman, Bangalore


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