I was Drawn to the Unconditional Compassion in Her

There was an immediate connection

that I felt with Suzy as a confidant or friend. I was drawn to the unconditional compassion that I sensed in her. That helped, really helped. What I am searching for, even I don’t know yet.

My sessions with Suzy have been exhaustive Q & A ones.

I have all these questions and Suzy has been answering them truthfully and honestly. I have enough proof for I have tested her answers and found them manifested around me.

This search will continue and I am at a certain level where it takes time for everything to penetrate. Well, even the belief in the process has been tested. I have made a few attempts to regress to find some answers which obviously my present does not hold.

I frankly had no idea what to expect in a regression.

It took me a few workshops on past life regression and sessions with Suzy to simply trust what was coming. Again, the help and encouragement I’ve got from Suzy at each step has been commendable.

This is just the beginning and I have reason to believe the journey is going to be really beautiful.

Do try the protection prayers,

they really help in bringing a lot of peace of mind, once you try it for your family and loved ones.

Seema Sanya -Teacher, Delhi


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