In Search Of Self-Love

I asked the Lord, how I may learn

to Love myself and he said, how does a young mother learn to love her new born babe?

She feels it move within her womb

and senses new life growing within her. It fills her with joy and awe to know that she is partnering with God to create this miracle of life. And as it grows she knows not when she begins to spontaneously love and nurture that unborn soul.

God smiled and said, so each day go within and let my Light, your insides fill. And as it grows know ye too, that you and I can partner still, to create any miracle that you will. When you feel me move within, you shall know love when you are still. Then you will nurture yourself too, knowing it’s me who lives in you.

Tell me Lord, when you come to live in me,

how then must I nurture thee?

Treat your body as your temple, He said.

Purify, clean and adorn it with foods that nourish, thoughts that encourage and feelings that make you smile. Speak to it approvingly as you would with your infant, loving it just as it is. Let each organ, each cell know that it is deeply loved. Say it not once but over and over again, just as you tell your child you love him. Smile at it, touch it with joy and tenderness and send it positive thoughts of endearment.

The body is living and each cell throbs

with life. It listens to your every thought and resonates with your deepest vibes. Like children who absorb all you say, so also your cells soak up your thoughts and follow your every command. Know that when you think hurtful or angry thoughts about your body, each cell listens up and fulfills those thoughts, even though unhappily so.

Your body listens to the music

your mind plays, harmonious and disruptive both ways. If the music be soothing they waltz in harmony and rejoice. So choose foods that respect this temple and thoughts that create happy melodies so that your biology can contribute towards the fulfillment of your deepest dreams.

But dear Lord, I no longer dream, I mumbled sadly.

Ah! No wonder then you don’t remember how to love yourself any more, He said. When the baby is born aren’t the mothers eyes filled with dreams about the future, he asked.

Yes, I said meekly.

So dare to dream and you will steer upon the stream that fills your life with endless love and brings forth the peaceful Dove.

Dreams awaken your potentials.

They are visions of the soul’s missions and assignments. They point in the direction of your souls yearnings. They train the muscles of your life’s script to ebb and flow and keep you moving along your purpose. Oh child, if you have forgotten to dream, you are asleep with your eyes open. What misfortune is that, for then you are neither asleep nor awakened but lost to yonder land.

Stretch your mind and claim your worth.

Journey to the farthest point in your imagination and seek out whatever you wish to learn, no matter how impossible. When you dream of it you create the blue print and send it forth to me, so we can partner and create the stuff of your fantasies. For then your wishes we can fashion and paint them with the color of your passions.

Passions? I questioned, what is that dear Lord,

I know not of such things.

 Passions my child, are angel wings that make you fly, that let you feel the morning breeze and smell the fragrance of flowers that please. Without passions you cannot feel, love that makes life a worthy deal.

 So where do I look for passions Lord?

Ask yourself- if I had nothing to fear nor lose;

and all the time to do as I choose, what would I be doing then with my life each day? Dwell upon these thoughts and weigh, time and again contemplate, practice different things and skills, till you chance upon that thing, which you truly will. Passions imbue your life with splendor and paint each moment with adventure.

Adventure? Isn’t that stuff that only happens

to other people or in the movies, I wondered.

God read my thoughts and laughed. He sat me besides him and let the lights dim. Then he whispered, no my child, adventure is my gift to each and every one of you, and saying so he swept the screen ahead and five coins appeared on it. He placed them in a row and said, this dear child is the stuff dreams are made of.

His eyes sparkled and shone as he saw

the look of confusion in mine own. How can five coins in a row comprise an adventure, I said. It is so boring, so routine, like standing in a queue at the bank or even a grocery store?

Precisely, he exclaimed and that is just what you all see and complain, about what an ordinary and unexciting life you have. He then swept the screen ahead and rearranged those coins first to form a cross, then a circle, a T, an L and then an incline and just kept changing forms as I watched in bewilderment.

God glimpsed the awe on my face and said;

that dear child is what adventure is all about. When you look at what you have in your life in unique and new ways each day, you become present to the goodness in all things. You learn to be grateful for what you have, you smile at your fortunes, you enjoy the gifts I have bestowed on you and you find a million ways to entertain yourself with thoughts of gratitude.

You find pleasure in small things,

the rising sun, the blooming flower, the azure skies and birds in flight. Even a leaf trembling in the breeze becomes an adventure for your soul. You begin to love your life and yourself for the two merge to become one, like reflections of each other. Your life reflects your thoughts of love and you in turn learn to love the life you have.

Saying this he handed me,

a silver edged looking glass in which to see.


Each day hold this mirror to your eye

Look within and take a deep sigh

Smile back at the face you behold

Declare to it your love untold

Affirm to it the beauty you see

In its eyes and decide to be

The most lovable being

This world has ever seen.


One Comment

  1. Shalini Virmani says:

    What a truly enlightening piece Dear Suzy… I think the art of self love should be taught at elementary school…

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