Suzy Is Our Family’s Angel.

Way back in the mid nineties my family

was passing through very trying times on every front,  health, finance, work and profession. With 29 years of experience in graphic arts, I was heading an advertising agency and was very unhappy with the administrative role because I was trained to be an art person.

 My wife too was going through severe anxiety

and depression as she too had wound up her independent business and was searching for ways to heal her mind. Our son was a busy professional photographer but not too happy with his profession and was looking for a change and seeking purpose in life. We are a family who loves the Lord Jesus and believed that “All things work together for good, to them that love the lord.”

 And it happened the day we first met Suzy Singh

soon after the Crystal Healing class my wife attended at her home in Bangalore. We knew that the Lord has sent one of His Angels to guide us through the mess and confusion that we were caught in.

 In the days that followed Suzy with her precise insight

and forecasts she received from the higher planes guided me through the turmoil and confusion that I was facing at work and that kept me calm and stable till the time I finally retired.

 It was a unique experience!

I was constantly forewarned and guided by Suzy months in advance before the danger of the forces working against me became active and I received the spiritual strength at that time to face and rise above the different situations and problems.

 Surprisingly Suzy too was a senior advertising professional

when we first met. Looking back now I feel that the Lord had placed a perfect angel who understood the pain verses of my profession.

 I am sure that as the world gets darker

and colder, Suzy is here to help and assist us in healing ourselves with her “gift of the spirit”.

 Today my family is at peace.

Struggles will always be there but the Lord has assigned angels in everyone’s life to guide us through and surely Suzy is our family’s Angel.

God bless you. Praise the Lord.

Kali Billimoria – Art Director- Mumbai



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