Chapter 6: Learning From the Atlantis Failure

chapter 17 bWhat is occurring in your world today is not new.

It has happened many times in the past. At many places on your very planet itself. In places more glorious and technically advanced than yours. But their greed and desire for power was consonant with their level of advancement. They were unable to separate the two and in their inability to do so they brought upon themselves the experience of failure.

Did they know in the last instant before they were destroyed why it was so?

If their thinking and vibrations had been so refined they would not have aborted their efforts so easily. They would have tried harder to succeed. No, they as a collective force did not comprehend till the very end where they went wrong. They died with greed in their hearts and the vision of ruling the world in their stomachs. It was indeed sad to see their decline. They had promise and potential.

Are you referring to Atlantis?

Yes we are

So nobody realised what went wrong?

Some did. Very few. They were just a handful. They left their bodies of their own will. They waited till the very end hoping against hope that perhaps the balance would tilt. But when the time grew close and they realized the battle had been lost, they threw off their garments and in a single breath they departed from your plane.

It sounds so sad. So close, and yet so far. It seems that they could have almost made it.

Yes that is what we had hoped for too. But it was not to be. And we do not lament that, though we did feel disappointed then. Finally, humanity must pass that final collective test. If they don’t, it’s not as though they have failed. It’s just that they still had more work to do. They still had to refine their vibrations further and we and the heavens have all the patience your world cannot even begin to dream about. So it was fine.

Are we in the same spot once again?

Ina way yes, and in another, not really.

Yes because you all are drawing close to the final test once again so in that way it is similar. And no, because a lot has changed. Your earth is growing weary of this game and so are the heavens. And so, to make this all easier, you have been provided a lot more support this time. More than ever before. It’s almost like saying that this is one test that you with your earth age and experience, just cannot fail. So in a sense it is easier than ever before.

It’s akin to an open book examination. All the answers are provided. The book lies open before your naked eyes. All you have to do is read and write the answer. Can it get any simpler? You don’t have to figure things out on your own because that is no longer possible as the veil of darkness has grown so very intense. The only way you can do this is now is with support from our side and you have it in measures larger than you seem to comprehend at this time. We have never ever been this accessible to you all before. So in that sense these are very special times and you all are very fortunate indeed.

You almost make it sound easy.

But it is. You are guided every single moment. What to do, what not to do, how to get ahead, what are the things that will slow you down. It’s like having a complete How to make the ascension possible manual in your hands. Isn’t that what you are reading right now? So this is why we say that there is no scope for error and yet who knows. If the majority of you simply shut your minds and decide you don’t want to read it, then anything may happen. Or if you let doubts make you wonder whether any of this is actually authentic or not and in that doubting, if you decide not to do anything, let whatever has to be just be, then, there is really nothing that we can do except be resigned to your decision and accept it.

That sounds like a stupid choice to make on our part. Isn’t it?

You will choose what you will and we will not judge you. We will come again and again to serve you, to lift you up, to help you evolve. That is our purpose and we are with you until the end of ALL TIMES. We will never give up on you. Just as a doting mother never gives up on her errant child.

Now that is beginning to sound like unconditional love.

Yes we do love you all unconditionally. And we never judge you. We love despite all your failings and your flaws. You are a part of us and we know without a doubt that someday you will wake up to the reality and that is the day that we pray for, that is the dawn we want to see.

I almost feel like saying I hope we do you proud.

We hope so too. Nothing pleases us more than to see our children grow and evolve. It gives us the deepest satisfaction when we are able to help you. We yearn for that opportunity when our children call out to us and seek our guidance and our hearts overflow with love when they seek direction and instructions for their growth and evolution. We want to see each one of you rising to the occasion and flowering and blossoming into beings of love and light.

I guess we want to get there too.

We know that. And this is why so many of you around the globe have turned inwards to your true calling. And we are so optimistic. If you can keep up the efforts and accelerate them by involving and engaging others to join in, this shift will certainly be your reality and only you would have made it possible by simply being true to your purpose.

There are enough of you presently who have incarnated only with this purpose and you are awakening to it. You are beginning to remember it and you have a vague idea that you have to participate. And those that do must in turn awaken others around then and soon this whole awakening will reach an exponential scale, and then it will happen.

So facilitate others. Do not waste anymore time. Those of you who on reading these words find them resonating in your hearts, know that it is to you individually that we are trying to reach out to. It is you we want to call, to join in this effort. This is your sign. Answer your calling and do what you truly came here to do.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo credit: Regis Novak


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