What Your Pain Is Telling You

People often ask me if pain

is a karmic punishment. While that may be true in some cases, it is mostly because we choose to ignore the subtler signals that the universe sends us. Pain is a teacher. It manifests when we continue to think in ways that are limiting or act in ways that are harmful or irresponsible.

A person who has a tendency to brood

and lives too much  in his head might develop migraine headaches. Similarly, people who are too rigid and always want things to happen their way may come down with arthritis or joint pain making their body inflexible. Others, who find it difficult to open their hearts to people and give love easily, may suffer from angina and heart trouble. Knowledge of your inner psyche can help you identify the signals that you may be ignoring. Therapy can be very useful in assisting you to unravel these issues.

Pain has many manifestations but its purpose

is always to focus attention on your unwholesome approach to life. At first, pain visits you episodically nudging you ever so gently to listen to its whispers. Unfortunately, most people not only ignore that call, they don’t even recognize it. When you resist the messages that pain brings you, it has no option but to scream louder and increase its intensity. Over a period of time this pain becomes chronic afflicting you more severely and disrupting your life, so that you may take note of it.

Pain has a story to tell and you can make it

your ally by listening to it. It visits sometimes also to remind you that you need to restore balance in an unfulfilled life. Have you forgotten to laugh or be spontaneous? Have you stifled your creativity or expression? Have you suppressed your desires or inspirations? You are here to express the uniqueness of your soul and its easy to forget that this is the most important reason for being here but alas the burdens of everyday life blind us and we forget. Pain reminds you what is possible and what you might be missing out on. Inner child healing is a powerful way to awaken these deeply buried gifts and talents that are waiting to be unleashed.

Sometimes pain can also be a cellular memory

of traumas suffered in past lives that have been carried over to this life as an imprint in your soul. These are mere residues and can be removed through past life therapy. To read a first hand account of a woman who found instant relief from such pains click on this link http://www.suzyheals.com/testimonials/my-acute-knee-pain-has-miraculously-vanished/




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