My Acute Knee Pain Has Vanished Miraculously

Suzy is The Angel Guide

To say that my search for a mentor ended here at suzyheals

would be paradoxical because this ending has brought me new beginnings. It is here that I began a journey of self exploration, of new awakenings, of deeper understanding and the unraveling of my soul purpose.

I came to Suzy for multiple reasons,

the chief one being peace of mind. This was linked to the various challenges that I was facing at that time. While my life was overtly smooth and great, yet there was a sense of unfulfillment, the feeling of deficiencies and the cacophony in the mind that was screaming for my attention. Also there were questions that needed answers and other issues plaguing me that were crying out for resolution.

Dear Suzy, I would like to thank you and tell you

what you have done for me. I remember how at my first session, you used multiple techniques never once giving up, pushing me to get deeper into my mind space. One by one I was able to remove the small and big cogs and blocks from my mind. It happened with you removing energies that belonged to me and also those that did not belong to me but were blocking my own explorations.

I had been suffering from acute knee pain

to the extent that I would wake up in the mornings with terrible pain and a creaking in my knees would follow – miraculously, the pain just vanished – I am now free and cured of this pain that had plagued me for so long.

The sudden and acute shoulder pain that I experienced episodically

has also decreased substantially after a Past Life Regression, during which an incident from one of my past lives where I was severely beaten up and dragged by my shoulder, was healed.

In the multiple sessions that I have been in with Suzy,

I have faced Past Lives, gone through Energy Work, Holotropic Breathing, I Ching reading and more. During these experiences, I discovered information about some of relationships that were troubling me and how I needed to take care of them now. I was also able to understand and dissociate myself from various unreasonable fears and anxieties that I earlier had.

I have experienced a major shift in my attitude towards

one very big lesson that my soul has to learn. I now recognize patterns that have made me understand what I should do in order to dissolve Karmic baggage and replenish my soul.

I have also come face to face with some of my key soul lessons

that I need to learn. And thankfully I have glimpsed my soul state and probably met my soul guide too. I have been able to enrich most of my important relationships.

The I Ching reading so clearly showed me

what I need to do in order to deal with a current situation and pointed me to the path ahead. At each step I have guided by Suzy and she has moved me along towards my anchoring space. I cannot say that I am near my destination yet, but my journey has become much richer and more rewarding since I met her. More importantly, I am now secure in the knowledge that she is there for me.

Nobita Rajagopalan – Corporate Trainer, New Delhi



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