My Life Was a Twisted Tale You Re-solved

Dear Suzy, My Mentor

I will always be short of words to explain how my life has changed since I met you.

On the personal front I have able to overcome

phobias like the fear of confrontation with loved ones and other childhood fears. Having got rid of these through the therapy sessions life has now become beautiful.

My life was a complicated and highly twisted tale that you resolved for me. Today I am calm and composed and improving with each day. I am now happy and at peace.

A Muslim prays 5 times a day,

but now prayer is in my every breath and anytime if I skip it, life brings my attention back to it. This is what you taught me in the Change your Life Mentorship Program (CYLM), so much so that I have been able to clear the dirt in me and purify my being.

On the business front also

I am a changed man. Calm and decisive, I now trust the people I work with even more and am so much more peaceful. I enjoy my work and the best part is that I have learnt to trust the universal power to look after my needs. This is most phenomenal. The bottom line is that you Suzy made me realize my inner strength whereas earlier I was only focused on the problems I was facing.

Life is now truly wonderful.

Today troubles look like challenges to me. Fears seem to be knots that I must un-tie so I can unleash the power within me. My relationships have improved vastly and I pray that every businessman may discover this path too so that he can strike the perfect balance between life and work that I have been able to achieve under your guidance.

Tons and tons of love to you.


Prince Gera – Businessman, Faridabad



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