Negative thinking vs. Intuition

How does one tell the difference between a negative thought and intuition? It’s easy to mistake one for the other since they both create a sense of discomfort, an uneasiness that heralds the coming of a dreaded event.  When one gets that lurking feeling that something bad is about to happen should one consider it a forewarning or pass it off as the creation of a negative mind?

All physical manifestations are based on the principle that mind creates matter and that thoughts are energy vibrations that set into motion the reality that one thinks of. Take the example of someone anxious about missing his flight early next morning and ending up in exactly that predicament. The question that arises is whether the individual actually had an intuition that he would miss his flight or did he create that very situation through the power of this mind?

Those familiar with the laws of manifestation remain watchful of the minds tendency to think negatively and capture their negative thoughts using the bait of awareness. If such a person chooses not to create the undesirable result, he simply cancels the spontaneous negative thought conclusively, discarding it as low vibrational energy that does not serve intentional living. But, if despite his careful examination, attention and cancellation of the negative thought, the unwanted reality still manifests, confusion arises about whether his original sensing was in fact an intuition and not merely a habit of the monkey mind.

Does conscious living mean the end of negative thoughts? Or, is it a deliberate and active way of living wherein the person constantly processes and actively deals with such thoughts? The mind is like the sea, and waves are the nature of the sea – like mind. So it is only natural that thoughts, like waves in the sea, will keep rising and falling. And the majority of these thoughts are likely to be negative since the planet is currently transitioning through the phase of Kalyug when negativity and darkness are predominant.

As long as we live on this planet of duality, opposites will exist; and hence negativity must co-exist with the positive. It’s not that negative thoughts no longer enter the mind of an evolved person, but that the conscious being chooses through contemplation and introspection, the appropriate response to such negative thoughts.

Fortunately for us humans, the time lag or gap between thinking and manifesting on this planet is still relatively wide, allowing us the luxury to contemplate and evaluate whether we truly want what we think of. For example, the person apprehensive about missing his flight can either continue to sink deeper into the whirlpool of anxiety or choose another path.  He could instead centre his awareness by simply observing his fear. As the veil of anxiety lifts, he may realize that his uneasiness about missing his flight is simply a concern about either oversleeping, being caught in a traffic jam or the timely arrival of the limousine service. Embraced with this knowledge he can make the necessary reconfirmations and choose a peaceful night’s sleep.

If we decide that a certain thought does not serve us, we can erase that directive from the super cosmic computer and plant a fresh command for action through another, more powerful and deliberate affirmation. Having observed his fear and contemplated its cause, the traveler can peacefully affirm that he has boarded the flight successfully and further strengthen that command by visualizing the journey to the airport, a pleasurable flight and a safe arrival at his destination.

But what if, despite contemplation and conscious choice, he still misses his flight? One would then wonder whether he created that situation through his incessant anxiety (which obviously overpowered his attempt at conquering it), or, whether missing his flight was a divine intervention of sorts meant to protect him from possible danger. Was his sensing negativity or intuition? Is there truly any distinction between the two; and if so what? How does one distinguish between the two?

The answer to this question lies in our physical bodies and in the whispers of our soul. A deep awareness of the body’s feelings can actually help determine which of the two it really is. Negative thoughts are triggered by low vibrational feelings such as fear, restlessness, anger, guilt etc. They have their seat in the lower extremities of the body, below the chest cavity. Incidentally, these coincide with the lower energy vortices or chakras in the etheric energy field that envelops each one of us and is the source through which we draw our prana or essential life force.

Their action within the body feels like a gripping, tightening sensation that is sometimes accompanied by a dull pain or a feeling of butterflies in the stomach. Their impact on the mind can cause one to feel irritated, anxious, agitated and easily upset by the slightest provocation. If the sensations of dread and discomfort have their centre in your solar plexus or the region below it, you can be sure that your feelings are born of negativity.

Intuition on the other hand descends upon a being through the higher realms of consciousness. It helps to prepare the person ahead of the event, so that he can deal with it constructively. It enters the body consciousness through the upper extremities of the body, the higher chakras, and brings with it a sense of calm. Intuitions are high vibrational messages that do not cause distress in the physical body or in the mind. Even though the manifestation maybe one that is not ideally desired by the person, it brings with it an empowering force that allows for positive action to result. Intuitions are gentle guiding forces that support and help the receiver to deal with impending challenges in a peaceful manner.

Though born of completely opposing life currents, the distinction between the two forces is subtle. Being able to distinguish between them requires that a person develop the art of tuning into the body and understanding its unique language. Constricting sensations that cause discomfort or pain indicate that the demons of the lower chakras are at work, while expansive and peaceful sensations indicate that higher guidance is flowing through us.

The voice of spirit also guides us in isolating one from the other. Negativity is the ego’s devious manipulation of the human soul. It terrorizes us and revels in the power that it has over the personality. It speaks in an authoritative tone, is loud and commanding and may generate feelings of dread and fear. If you are feeling overwhelmed by a gush of emotional energy and are overcome by a sense of confusion and panic, stop and breathe. It’s your overactive mind creating negative chaos.

Higher guidance is soft and rises within us from silence and emptiness. It speaks to us in commonsensical ways. It whispers gently and never engages fear. It is soothing and supportive and often points in a direction that empowers us despite the odds. Its messages are crystal clear and though they may not feel good, they definitely feel right. Intuitive guidance is always motivated by loving energy. It is kind and always keeps us centered.

Only by listening deeply to our body and spirit can we discern whether we are being guided or derailed from living an intentional life. A life that is lived consciously through active choice, as creators of our realities and not victims of circumstance. So the next time you are faced with the dilemma of mental creation vs. guided intuition, sit quietly and caress your body with the gentle gaze of your observation.  Acquaint yourself with the language of sensations. Scan the body for any disturbances. Identify which part of your body the discomfort is originating in – the trunk or the crown. Listen to the voices in your head and practice isolating the softest, most gentle one. See if it leaves you feeling emotionally disturbed or centered. Practice daily. Let your everyday choices become the playing ground for developing mastery over your mind, allowing yourself to pass through the passage from darkness to light, from confusion to clarity, from coincidence to control.


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