How Can I Overcome Depression?

My life has been quite a graph of highs and lows for a long time with repetitive patterns. I’ve been very depressed and frustrated and now I can’t take anymore and hence have decided to take refuge in meditation as a method of self help. Please guide me and tell me what should I do ?
Deeply depressed

Dear One

1. Since you have been experiencing the tidal waves of life’s experiences quite deeply for some time now, it becomes most important to first empty out the mind before you can attempt any kind of meditation. I would recommend that you start the process of inner healing by using Quick Tip no. 15: Make room for God daily for one week.

2. Along with this exercise develop an intimate relationship with God in whatever form to relate to him. Talk to God and share your deepest issues with him. It shall help you unburden the load.

3. Week 2 start using Tip no. 7: Recipe for a happy Life. Identify how you would ideally like your life to be and consciously start displacing the depression with the positive aspects that you have identified. This may be a little daunting initially but will progressively get easier.

4. Week 3 you can commence a simple meditation practice If you have meditated earlier and have identified what method works for you the same can be employed. If you are just starting out, simply watch the flow of your breath moving in and out and after practicing this for 5 mins start observing your thoughts for as long as you can. This will build the awareness within you. Continue practicing daily and write any insights or even recurring thoughts that cross your mind.

5. When you next visit Delhi It would be helpful if you can fix an appointment to further explore and heal your more deep seated issues.

God Bless you and may you find the Light within.



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