06. Postpartum Blues

Nisha had recently delivered her second baby

and was struggling with the combined effects of postpartum blues, the disappointment of not having a son that she had craved for, the overwhelming task of stretching herself to run an efficient home (despite the sleepless nights with the newborn), and having to be away from her husband who had been posted to another location and was shuttling between the two cities.

The feeling of being out of control on all fronts

was causing her huge stress and the smallest things were beginning to trigger panic attacks in her. Evening time seemed to be particularly difficult and she would often break down and cry. She felt as though she was losing complete control over her life.

Nisha was rather distraught and emotionally fragile

when she came to meet me. Her older daughter had come down with cold that morning and she was weepy and miserable that she had not been able to look after her better. The guilt of not being a good mother was adding to her already distressed condition.

Cognitive therapy helped Nisha appreciate that giving birth

was a complex and profound experience involving major physical, emotional and mental realignments and so it was only normal to feel overwhelmed. However what bothered her most was that she seemed so uncontrollably weepy in the evenings and that she was unable to get her act together.

After a rapid hypnotic trance induction and

while I was still in the process of deepening her, Nisha’s arm began to rise and her face became strained.  She saw a little girl called Shea, about 2 or 3 years of age, running around in a garden. Shea was a discarnate soul who had lost her way in the middle zone of the afterlife.

She explained that she had lost her parents when she was

still an infant. She had been looked after by her aged maternal grandfather who had also passed away leaving her all alone. Shea was extremely lonely and sad and would cry often, particularly as night approached. With no one to look after her, she felt vulnerable, helpless and out of control not knowing what to do or where to go.

Shea had given up her body when she was

still very young. Her spirit had accidentally attached itself to Nisha and had continued to live within her auric field. She was transferring all her childlike vulnerabilities to Nisha making her weepy and helpless.

Shea’s spirit was gently and lovingly guided into

the Light using Spirit Releasement Therapy and sent to the appropriate place in the heavens. She asked for her parents, whom she had hardly known in that lifetime, to come and fetch her.  Shortly after, Shea saw her mother in a halo of white light waiting to take her back home.

Smiling for the very first time since she had appeared

Shea gleefully moved into the light. Nisha’s body was then cleansed and purified and a protection shield was placed around her to prevent any further invasions by lost or helpless souls.

Thereafter Nisha contacted the soul-mind

of her newly born daughter and a beautiful exchange followed. She apologized to her for not having embraced her fully and completely earlier. In an endearing completion Nisha found it in herself to accept her daughter unconditionally and the purity of a mother’s love poured forth.

Tears washed away all regrets and a feeling

of calm spread over Nisha’s face once the catharsis was complete. Nisha was then guided to create a pool of loving energy in which her husband and two wonderful daughters were engulfed. Appropriate visualizations were practiced so anytime that she needed to experience the strength of the anchored love energy of her family she could simply do the visualization on her own and spontaneously have access to those wonderful calm feelings.

Suggestions were also programmed into her subconscious

mind to become the epicenter of the love energy from which she could radiate the power of her love not just to her nuclear family, but to the extended family also.

Nisha called back the next day late at night to say

that she was feeling much better. The panic attacks were gone and she no longer felt weepy. Even the evening had gone by smoothly and she had remained calm. In fact she was feeling so relaxed that she had actually completed her household chores with great ease. This was something she couldn’t even have imagined just 24 hours ago.

Over a year has passed since then, and Nisha confirms that

she has been completely free of that distraught, out-of-control weepy state since that day and has enjoyed parenting both her girls with great joy.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality



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