Overcome Your Procrastination

Q: I have a habit of procrastinating and leave things to the future. Things get delayed and remain pending. How can I help myself so i don’t run away from doing the work that needs to get done?

A: Dear A

 The reason you procrastinate is because

hidden behind that behavior is the fear of failure. Try to identify exactly what it is that you are scared of. Do you feel you lack knowledge or expertise? Is there something you don’t know and need to find out? What are the ways you feel ill equipped to handle the task you wish to finish? Are you simply being lazy and need to get your body metabolic rate up?

 If you are still unable to pinpoint your fear

or the reason that’s holding you back, try completing the statement; I can finish this task if …..

 Once you have found the cause

search for solutions to overcome the fear. Do you need to learn something new and if so who can teach you? Whom can you ask for help and clarifications? Do you need to start an exercise regimen to get over your laziness and improve your metabolism? Do you need to some some research on the internet?

 Create a schedule and set targets

for yourself. Reward yourself for every small success you achieve and set up red flags to alert you when things fall behind schedule. Request the help of a friend or well wisher to pull you up when you start to lose track. And remember to write your victory journal each day. Print a copy of the flow chart given below to remind you to keep going at it until you succeed.

I wish you the best of luck in conquering your procrastination and meeting with success.



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