Path to Christ Consciousness

Jesus says

In the shadows of your mind there lies an anomaly (reference is being made to the EGO).

It must be set right before an awakened soul may harness the fruits of declamation

(those in the process of awakening understand that the ego needs to be tamed and controlled. They may even speak passionately about its misdoings and openly criticize it, but unless they can completely control their own ego they cannot experience the fruits of their spoken word i.e. they cannot be free of duality.Verse 11 of the Bhagavad Gita also draws attention to this to this aspect stating that the illumined devotee must synchronize his actions with his utterances, and follow the good advice he may often give to others. He should not talk like the wise and and act like the ignorant. This duality must be avoided by acting wisely as well as speaking like the wise).

Upon its source, its zenith, lies another habit; long forgotten through the passage of time – it is called tranquility

(the original nature of man was to be tranquil).

Subdued by the forces of mans nature, it fights to surface but is often relegated to the dark declines of human endeavors

(people have become so busy chasing success and material possessions that the pursuit of these have pushed this tranquil nature so deep it is no longer experienced by man).

What comes upon man that he shall move without direction, without the want of that, which alone steers him back to the Lord

(when illusion takes over man he loses direction and forgets that the real purpose of this life and incarnation is to move closer to the Lord).

Ask me now what need be done to carry forth my Legacy and I say; bask not in the glory of your vanity. Dear all it shall lead you nowhere except darkness.

(note the reference to Jesus’ Legacy in John 13 – 16)

The path you have forgotten, trampled by your worldly desires does not point this way; it is another

(the true path you were meant to tread is not the one of separation, worldly merry making or ignorance).

Look around you and see your plight – where have you arrived – nothing but misery meets your sight.

I told you it will come to nothing but my words you do not heed.

There is still time for you to choose it and peace may come upon your deed.

So hasten now my children, don’t spend another breath nor delay, the time has come to move or just remain.

For those who embark will leave the port and sail away.

And those who choose through ignorance shall be filled with dismay.

It matters not how prepared you are, this journey needs nothing but the willingness to reform and cast aside the old.

Fill yourself up with the new breath ( the new energy of love) that awakens as foretold.

The star points the direction of the new birth and to me it shall lead (Christ consciousness).

I am born to each one who chooses to sail free (free of the clutches of ego).

Gather all who are willing, even though they may not know – where or how their flock must go – Shepard them as I did you and carry them along onwards.

(Jesus is urging lightworkers/ starseeds to gather all people who wish to heal their lives or find freedom from their past hurts and old energy and help navigate them and their loved ones and families to move towards the energy of love and forgiveness, towards oneness)


Prophecy channeled through Suzy Singh


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