19. Prayer for Dear Departed Souls

A dear friend of mine recently lost her mother to the other side of existence. Moments like these are truly hard and no amount of knowing can help overcome the humanness that brings tears to the eyes and wrenches the heart hoping one could have had a little more time with that beautiful soul.

Regrets surface about how one may not have done enough during that souls time here on earth, anger rises making us question the mortality of all things and the mind races wishing it didn’t have to face what just happened.

As we struggle to come to terms with the anguish of our loss, we are so lost to our own grief that it becomes hard for us to think about the brave and lonely journey that the soul who has just moved on will need to undertake.

We forget that we still have our loved ones to help and support us but the dear departed must undertake this journey alone. They are the ones that need our prayers and peaceful attention so that they can journey safe and well into the Light.

While it may be hard to conquer our grief and reign in our emotions I offer this prayer for the safe travel of our dear departed loved ones as they journey to another realm after discarding their physical bodies and concluding one more chapter in the book of their soul.


prayer for souls departed


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