Chapter 2: Preparing for the shift

IMG_0560There is much confusion among people of your world presently

regarding the status and manner in which the transition will occur. We REPEAT AGAIN do not under any circumstances give credence to those that are spreading fear about complete destruction, mass elimination, etc. All of these are being propagated by the forces that want to prohibit your success.

Know it, understand it and believe it, there is absolutely no need for you to be fearful. Nobody passes over until you are ready to do so. You need not feel ill equipped. Everything that you will require or need will be spontaneously given. You will be trained and made ready and you will be prepared before the shift occurs. In fact the more still and peaceful you are, the easier it will be for you all to recognize and enter the gateways of transition.

So will it be as easy as walking through a door?

No, not that either. It will require skill. Skill of the mind and the mental faculties, which most of you are as yet, not fully trained in. But there will be many who will acquire it and who will literally HOLD THE SKIES UP for the others to make the passage. They will do it for the love of all.

So everyone need not be prepared?

It doesn’t in anyway mean that you can sit back, relax and hope that someone, someplace else, will shoulder that responsibility. In fact, that is entirely third dimensional thinking. To lift the skies as it were, you will need the contribution of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN.

 Each may contribute in different ways- some in big ways and others in small but they will definitely have to contribute. Depending on their level of soul evolution, people will have to donate, give up something. Remember in your world there are no free lunches. So even as you exit you have to abide by the rules of your own plane. You will have to pay the price to travel to more glorious realms.

And that price will be the giving up of your darker aspects –the greed (that’s a big one you all are struggling with right now),unhappiness, depression, addiction, hatred, acrimony, anger, you name it- all those things that keep you stuck from moving on with your lives and make you wrench in pain. Those are the things that you will have to offer at the feet of the divine so that they may transmute those heavy energies and make you all light enough to literally rise to the occasion.

So you see, it can’t happen without complete participation from all of humanity. Do not hesitate; start giving up now, this very minute. There is far too much trash you all have stored within yourselves for far too long and you wonder why you feel so heavy and so worn out. It is this. The weight of all that you are carrying, that is the stuff that we want you to give up. Are you listening?

Yes. But how should one do this? Where should one start?

Now you are thinking. Great! We understand that to do so much in so little a time is possible only if there is help. So be assured that the help is available for the calling. All you have to do is ask the lord to help you to remove that aspect from your being and the skies will sweep down to embrace you and support and guide you.

 In ways that may seem almost uncanny you will see divine providence opening up in your lives. They will do the cleaning up for you. It is like requesting housekeeping at your hotel (read short stay in transition, isn’t that what life is anyway) to come in and clear up your rooms, your mess. But without you calling them in, we are afraid the divine team of housekeepers do not have the permission to invade your choices. So ASK.

How do I change things in my daily life?

Live with greater awareness. Try and use the power of your mind to look at things more deeply. Don’t live life only at the surface as you have been doing for so long now. Develop mental acumen, powers of distinction, go deeper within, question yourself, ask why you feel, think, behave in certain fixed ways. Ask how else you could be. Don’t be satisfied with the ordinary. Ask the lord to give you clearer thinking abilities to see beyond your limitations.

 Expand your horizon. Expand your being. Develop 360degree vision by embracing the truth. Now you may ask how do I know what truth is? We understand you don’t fully comprehend what truth is. But ask to know the truth about everything starting from your intents, why you do things as you do them, what your motivations are, what drives you etc. Put yourself under the lens and examine yourself deeply. Scrutinize your very being. Get closer to your essence and then you will begin to unravel the truth.

When you can go within yourself and begin to see yourself with greater clarity, the world around you will suddenly seem different from how you viewed it earlier and then you will develop 360 degree vision. You will be able to see inside, outside and around you. This is no ordinary task. It will take enormous drive, most of you will simply read these words and not even attempt to follow them, others will give it one shot and still others will want to test out its relevance and sanctity.

There will be only a few that will resonate with this information completely and embrace it without doubt. Those will be the torch bearers, the forerunners in this shift who will hold the weight of the others. But no matter which category you fall into (and mind you all are equal no one is less, or more or better or worse) do your bit. Stretch as best as you can. Make your contribution.

 If you feel your evolutionary balance allows you to donate only 3 minutes a day to this effort, please donate those three minutes. They are truly valuable and much needed. So don’t shy away. Do your bit, we urge you. As all your contributions flow in you will have created a force so large and so powerful that we have no doubt that you will move over. Just keep doing whatever you can, however small or insignificant it may appear to you. Treat it as your one good act of the day and do it daily.

Can we postpone this effort or is there an urgency of some sorts?

We can only say the TIME IS NOW. Don’t waste a minute. You need to build critical mass and it isn’t going to happen in a day, a month or even in a year. But as the mass builds up you will resist the forces that oppose the move and then when you have revved up your engines completely and are ready to takeoff, it will happen in the blink of an eye, but when, where and how will be determined by the energy that you garner up, the speed at which you build the critical mass.

Which is why we say don’t waste a minute. Start now. It all depends on the collective force. It is in your hands only. If you subscribe to the insights presented by us, it is actually quite simple. The only barrier is that you must receive this information. Don’t let it fall on deaf ears; don’t. Don’t just read it and forget it (which you all are very prone to doing). Act upon it. And the world will be yours for the asking.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo credit: Esha Singh


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