23. Programmed for Poor Grades

His struggle with Mathematics brought fifteen year old Pankaj,

a class ten student to me. While he seemed to get most of his work correct during practice sessions at home and at his tuition, each time he sat for an exam he would go into a state of panic, mix up his concepts, solve questions once, then experience confusion and resolve them and end up messing up his exam. When he came to me for help, he had scored 8 out of 100 in his maths paper recently and was really concerned about his performance.

Pankaj belonged to a business family where the only

subject that had any career relevance was mathematics, as business and accounting were the subjects that determined success in business. For as long as he could remember, Pankaj’s father had often scolded him for small oversights and mistakes and condemned him saying that he would never amount to anything.

What made things worse was that his father

was extremely dominating and short tempered and everyone including Pankaj were extremely scared of him and rarely ever defied him or dared to defend themselves in his presence.

There was little bonding between the father and son

since most engagements invariably resulted in the father rebuking the son. Over time Pankaj gave up seeking his father’s approval and his grades began to decline. His self esteem suffered sharply and interestingly Maths was the subject that became most severely affected.

Unknowingly the father had conditioned his

son’s subconscious mind to fail and never amount to anything in life and the son was merely fulfilling the father’s declaration. Succeeding in maths meant being capable and worthy, even successful at his family’s business eventually and this was in direct contradiction to the father’s unconscious programming.

Using PSYCH-K we worked at reprogramming the beliefs

in Pankaj’s subconscious mind that were preventing him from succeeding at maths. Pankaj gave himself permission to succeed by forgiving his father for not recognising the good in him and learning to love and appreciate himself. He also accepted the program of viewing his failings as opportunities to learn and grow better and agreed to become his own best friend.

In addition Pankaj was trained to perform

a few body exercises to enhance his mathematical abilities and balance his left and right brain that he was to practice daily for a week until his next session.

A week later when Pankaj came for the follow up

session he appeared more confident and had some exciting news to share. He had experienced two breakthroughs since his last session. One, he had scored full marks in his maths test which had never happened before.

He also shared an interesting aside.

Apparently he was seated next to the class topper who saw him writing the test and told him he had made errors in his math paper. But this time Pankaj didn’t experience any confusion and in fact he told the topper that his sums were wrong and actually helped the class topper correct his mistakes. This was a unique experience for Pankaj.

Secondly, during a family lunch on the weekend

when his father admonished him for doing something Pankaj respectfully but firmly expressed his point of view and stood up for himself in front of his father for the first time ever in his life.

Both these were powerful new experiences

for Pankaj and he now feels more confident than ever before knowing that he will prove to his father that he can succeed and make his parents proud.

Four months and 5 Belief Change sessions later Pankaj passed his class 10 Board Exams with a fantastic aggregate score of 86%. My dream was to score 80%  overall, but to think that I would get 86% was something I hadn’t even dreamt of, he said gushing over the phone. It was also the first time in his life that he heard his father congratulate him for doing so well.


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