4. Protection Shield

  • Sit quietly with your eyes closed and bring your attention to your breath.
  • Now take three long breaths and as you exhale allow all the restlessness in your body to move out with each out breath.
  • Feel the stillness at your core and visualise yourself surrounded by a ball of brilliant White Light. Allow this light to permeate every single pore and cell of your body.
  •  Now see the outer edges of the shield being sealed by reflective spritual mirrors and shimmering white lights.
  • Make the following intent in your mind or out loud. This is my shield against negativity. All negative and inferior energies in my vicinity are instantly reflected back to source for transmutation into light. I request my Masters to Masterize this shield so that I may have total protection against all inferior energies and vibrations. If there is any negative energy that is contained within my shield, I request the Masters to please move this energy out of the shield into the White Light so that it may transported to its appropriate place in the universe. I thank my Masters for their protection and guidance.

It is recommended that you renew the shield every 12 hours. It is best done every morning and night at bedtime. You can do this shield for your friends and family members also.




  1. Dana says:

    Dear Suzy,
    Requesting our Masters to masterize our shield ‘across all the layers of our existence and across all times’ was such a valid point and it resonated so well with me. It would be great to share it with this audience as well. Those who visit this page are surely very much ready and in need for this small addition to their daily protective shield.
    Thank you for sharing it initially with me…

    • suzysingh says:

      The thing about masterization is that the Masters determine the appropriate level of armour required by each person based on his or her vibrations.Some may require more and some less. Only those who are actively battling the darkness and moving through multidimensional realities need the other protection you are referring to.

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