Quick Tip 10: Recalling Your Dreams

1. Before retiring to bed at night place a dream diary and pen by your bedside.

2. Still your mind as you lie in bed and make the intent that you will remember your dreams on waking up.

3. Switch off any alarms and simply autosuggest to yourself the hour at which you will be wide awake, eg. I will wake up feeling fresh at 6.30 am.

4. Now restfully immerse yourself into a peaceful slumber.

5. At the very first stirrings in the morning, while keeping your eyes still shut and before your mind becomes active, gently recall your dreams by pulling the thread of their memory from the very last scene you were dreaming.

6. This is possible only if you lie very still and focus your mind on nothing but the last scene and slowly rewind the sequence of the dream.

7. Once you have replayed the dream in your mind backwards, gently sit up in bed and record the dream in your dream diary.

You will be amazed at the rich harvest you will gain from the content of your dreams.

Not only will you discover insights about your deeper concerns, suppressed desires and personal needs, but you  will also be warned about the areas of your life that are neglected, receive guidance about what to do or what needs your attention and find creative solutions to problems you might be facing .

Such is the power of the symbolic language of your dreams.


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