Quick Tip 16: Are You Feeling The Acceleration?

There have been significant vibrational changes ever since 21 December 2012

and particularly since we entered the New Year.  Paramount among these is the acceleration in inner cleansing. Issues that have been lying submerged for years are beginning to bubble up with an uncanny severity and seriousness. You simply can’t ignore them anymore. Also, aspects of your life you thought you had dealt with earlier, are showing up again, unabashed, waiting to be pulled up from the roots and eventually be cleared.

The inner cleansing and karmic completions have entered the zone of maximum speed.

While earlier it was left to our discretion as to whether or not we wanted to revisit these issues and work through the lessons, they are now zooming in at us with meteoric speed, compelling us to address them and clear up the mess within. We no longer have the luxury to sweep them under the carpet. The intensity at which they are occurring can no longer escape our attention. They are large enough and carry enough energy to interrupt our sense of everyday busi-ness and re-focus our awareness. We simply have to deal with them now.

Also the gap between two lessons or completions is decreasing.

We do not have all the time in the world to leisurely work through these issues at our individual pace. Time has collapsed making the lessons come at us at an extremely fast pace. In fact, there isn’t even time to breathe between to consecutive lessons any more. If you find yourself facing a new lesson every 24 hours, know that you are not alone. Clearly there is an urgency to get the cleansing completed at the earliest.

Rescue helpers and mentors are available at call.

Don’t be surprised to find the presence of benevolent forces appearing magically in your life to provide help and support. These are the divine helpers who have committed their service in the name of the Lord and they are being directed to assist each one of us who needs help.

The poet Rumi said that the wound is where my light enters you.

This appears to be the time when we all need to go to work and attend to our wounds, so that as the healing occurs, the Lords light may enter more and more of us. Perhaps this acceleration is the assistance from the other side of consciousness . Perhaps this is the Lord’s way of nudging and pushing us to reach critical mass so that we move on to the next step in our long withheld evolution.


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