Quick Tip 19: The Secret Laws of Abundance

The ant asked the bird, ” What does it mean to live in abundance?”

For a moment the bird was silent. Then it looked pensively at the horizon and spoke gently, as if reminiscing and recollecting the wisdom of its entire life.

Living in abundance means knowing that all your needs will always be met by the lord.

“Mind you, I said needs and not wants,” it stated firmly as if emphasizing its importance.

Needs are essential for harmonious survival; Wants are generated by the insatiable ego.

Needs can be satisfied like hunger, but wants keep escalating each day.

Needs are similar for all, but wants vary by badge and social status.

Satisfied needs are not even noticed,while unsatisfied wants get your full attention.

“You need only one house to live in, but you want to own three,” the bird continued.

So you see living in abundance incorporates four aspects;

1. The principle of economy where your wants and needs match and this involves overcoming your greed

2. A deep trusting that the universe will always satisfy your needs no matter what, and this involves developing faith

3. Doing rightful actions daily so you may to earn the right to have your needs satisfied, and this requires earning your bread honestly

4. An awareness of all the wonderful things already present in your life, and this occurs naturally when you practice gratitude in each moment

The ant looked rueful.A sudden calm had settled on its face. It understood now why it had to labor so hard right through the long summer months. And why it had to be so frugal when winter came on.

If you feel a lack of abundance in your life examine which of the above four aspects need your attention and action.

Incorporate these change and see your life swell with MORE than you could ever dream of. 




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