Quick Tip 20: Beware The Five Energy Vampires

Just like our mechanical devices, we too need to charge our batteries each day by plugging into the super cosmic charger. Each night as we enter deep sleep during the Delta phase we connect with the higher consciousness to receive a burst of life force energy to renew and sustain us over the next twenty four hours. In addition we consume the elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and ether in the form of the food we eat to further fill this reservoir and provide us with the vitality to sustain our everyday activities and engagements with the world around us.

And like our devices we too idle and drain away our batteries if we are not watchful enough. There are five screens or gateways which if left unguarded can let the energy vampires literally suck away our life force leaving us drained. Regular drainage results in depression, lethargy, chronic fatigue, listlessness, and eventually manifests as disease.

The life force accumulated by us is spent through the five orifices in our body. These are the two excretory orifices, the eyes, the ears and the mouth. The excretory orifices use the least amount of life force when the digestive tract is healthy and well maintained.

Each time the eyes experience visual stimulation they consume life force. Watching television or any other digital screen with fast changing visuals makes us lose vast amounts of energy. Window shopping, retail therapy and even long hours at super market shelves leave us exhausted from the visual overstimulation.

Sound vibrations impact our ears in exactly the same way. Loud music, long discussions and conversation, and any other form of auditory stimulation also drain our energy banks.

Last though not the least, talking makes us lose an enormous amount of energy through our mouths. We are sharing, debating, disagreeing, complaining, arguing, instructing, screaming, crying, laughing and shouting almost all day long.

No wonder then that we are a weary lot. Tired and exhausted we seem to need a holiday to renew our spirit every couple of months. We go on vacation, party hard and shop even harder and return home feeling even more tired than before, needing a holiday to get over the vacation we just took.

1. Identify which orifice you are losing the most life force energy (prana) from and curtail its use.

2. You could chose to watch less TV, speak less, party less, make fewer visits to the shopping mall or simply have your groceries home delivered.

3. You will save not just your life force energy but also your money

4. Most importantly, you will enjoy better mental and physical health.



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