Quick Tip 22: Is Your Food Destroying Your Peace?

The young monk had been invited to bless the new home and partake of a blessings meal. Every object of beauty and luxury that one could think of, adorned the interiors of that house. Clearly the lord had blessed this family with all worldly gifts.

The monk sat silently, his mind aware of the opulence of his environment yet untouched and unaffected by it all. The peace in his heart radiated on his face like the glow of a lamp casting a halo of translucent yellow light.

An elaborate feast was laid out in his honor  Helpers were rushing in and out of the kitchen in hushed silence. The hostess had wanted everything to be perfect and she had painstakingly ensured that every single detail had been looked into. The meal bell was rung and the monk was graciously escorted into the dining area.

The monk took his seat and watched quietly as he was served. He then closed his eyes, said a silent prayer, blessed the food, took a mouthful and kept the plate aside. He took a sip of water and signaled that he had finished his meal.

The hostess could not understand why he had not eaten anything. She had arranged such a lavish spread. Everything had seemed so perfect and yet it appeared as though something was amiss. Deeply disturbed at the turn of events she went up to the monk who had been escorted back into the living room and asked why he had not eaten.

The monk smiled at her and said. Everything was perfect and my stomach is filled with your gratitude and love. But I couldn’t consume the food because it was not pure. I did not wish to dishonor your sentiments and the love with which you served me and so I took a mouthful. And yet if I had eaten more it would have polluted my subtle bodies and affected my peace.

This confused the lady even more as she started out to explain how everything had been prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients.

Yes I do know that, but the cook who prepared the meal was so angry and disturbed today that his vibrations of anger poisoned the meal.

The cook was called and asked if this was true. As he looked into the peaceful eyes of the monk, the pain in his heart melted and he broke down and cried. He confessed that he had fought bitterly with his father that morning and was indeed filled with hatred and anger all day.

The thoughts, feelings and emotions of the person cooking a meal permeate the food being cooked affecting its vibrational quality. Negative emotions impact the food quality making it inferior and unhealthy for consumption.

Try and recall a time when you may have eaten at another’s house and were unable to digest the food. The following tips can help in making sure that the food you consume is vibrationally pure 

1. Always maintain a pleasant and harmonious emotional meter when cooking a meal.

2. If possible chant or pray to enhance the vibrational quality of the preparation

3. When eating outside or at a restaurant always say a short prayer before commencing your meal, asking your masters to bless the food as you do not know what mood the cook was in when he prepared the meal


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