Quick Tip 2: Get rid of Anxiety, Stress & Negativity

No matter where you are, if you find yourself feeling uneasy, stressed or anxious about something take two minutes to ground yourself with this exercise and feel better instantly.

  •  Sit on a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your hands resting on the sides.
  •  Close your eyes and bring your attention to the uneasiness. Ask yourself… where in my body do I feel this?
  •  Now imagine that you are gathering all of this uneasiness and bringing it together into a ball.
  •  Next visualize or imagine that you are pushing this ball down your legs and out through your feet towards the earth.
  •  At the point where it ejects out from your your feet, see this ball transforming into a ball of brilliant White Light and entering the earth.
  •  Now take a few deep breaths and feel fresh energy and prana entering you. Open your eyes, smile and get on with your day.

If you are in a public place such as in the midst of a meeting you can keep your eyes open and do this process mentally. You do not need to create time away to do this. Make it a part of your instant feel good kit.



  1. Dana says:

    This is so useful!
    I always do it with my palms facing Mother Earth as well in case I’m sitting on the chair and my feet are on the ground.
    In case I’m sitting on the floor, my palms are on the ground as well. I feel so ‘grounded’ this way… 😉
    I’ve read that laying down on the grass and having the entire body in touch with Mother Earth is the best of it all…
    Whatever the case, attention is the key to it all I guess… 🙂

    • suzysingh says:

      Lying on the grass or the Earth is great for charging the whole body with cosmic energy from the earth center.It should not be confused with grounding negativity. One charges bringing in positive energies while the other grounds negativity.

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