01. Relationship Breakup

Tanya, a young college student came to see me

the day after her boyfriend broke up with her. She was devastated and distraught. This had been a very intense relationship for her and she had given it her all. Despite her pleading and begging, her boyfriend had chosen to call the relationship off most abruptly.

Even though he had been awfully mean and rude

to her, flinging accusations that were unjustified, she found herself in the throes of a severe panic attack and an uncontrollable urge to “get him back at all costs.”

Through cognitive therapy Tanya realized that this

was a recurring pattern in her life and even her earlier relationship had  ended in a similar way. She became aware that she constantly needed her boyfriend’s attention. This made him feel stifled, and he wanted time away from her which made her more clingy. Even though she occasionally needed space, she was not willing to give it to him.

At this session two grey energies were identified

that Tanya had picked up from her boyfriend and these were making her negative and miserable. To start with these were first removed from her auric field under hypnosis.  Thereafter she was helped to release all the pain and anxiety associated with the break up. She then identified the emotions she wanted to replace these vulnerable feelings with and the same were incorporated into her psyche.

Having fortified her inner strength she was made to

rehearse remaining calm and composed during any chance encounters with her former boyfriend through future pacing. Appropriate suggestions and triggers for remaining centred at all times were incorporated into her subconcious mind. We tested for deep seated feelings of anguish, and continued to release and heal them until she was able to let go of all the hurtful feelings associated with the breakup.

 Reiki healing was administered at the heart chakra

and at the solar plexus, to heal the pain and to allow the internal turmoil to settle down. Since the hurt was deep, she was also given the violet flame visualization to dissolve deep seated feelings of resentment.What remained was a deep sense of calm and peace by the time we finished the session.

Additionally, Tanya was also taught the cord cutting

visualization which she was asked to practice every night and was given a home  regimen to practice daily in order to allow her to continue changing her internal dialogue and thoughts.

The next day she called to say that she was feeling

much lighter and better. She had rediscovered her self respect after the session “which had been missing for the longest time that she could remember.”  Instead of feeling panic stricken and helpless she was now filled with acceptance, peace and calm.

She could also see how some aspects within her needed

to be further explored and she expressed the desire to come back in the future and work with these once she had gained better control over her current circumstances.

What surprised her even more was that when

her boyfriend called to apologize, she had been emphatic and clear that they were through with each other and that she was no longer willing to subject herself to anymore pain.

This was a completely new experience for Tanya

and she was excited to see this new, self-confident  part of herself. Her resurrected self respect had finally made her stand up for herself and choose, never again to be damaged emotionally by any partner.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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