What To Do When You Are Emotionally Disturbed

1. Our mind has a direct correlation with our breath.

Whenever we are angry, upset, sad, excited or fearful, our breath rate increases or decrease according to our emotional meter. The reverse is also true. By simply increasing or decreasing our breath we can change our emotions.

2. So the next you get hit by that wave of emotional low

and are feeling sad, depressive, hopeless etc. practice fast paced deep breathing without breaking the breath cycle for 10 minutes to change the emotional meter.

3. If you are feeling angry, upset,

agitated or fearful, slow the breath down until it flows in an even rhythm like a gentle looping of the in breath and out breath.

4. If you are unsure of your breath rate

follow the simple reverse principle. If your breathing is fast, slow it down. If it is slow, make it fast. Make sure you do not break the cycle for the period of 10 minutes. You may continue it longer if you wish up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

5. Allow any feelings that bubble over

to be expressed.You may feel like laughing, crying, giggling or screaming. Whatever comes up express it fully. Expression is energy in motion (e-motion) and when expressed it releases the feeling from your body and lets it go.

6. Once settled, sip a glass

of water slowly to flush out the toxic debris from the cells.

7. Proceed with your day feeling

lighter and better. You have just overpowered the enemy. Rejoice in your victory.




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