Sai explains How To Be Calm When You are treated Unequally

Me: Baba, how can one remain unaffected when others treat you unequally or promote comparisons?

Sai: At such times keep your attention fixed on the good in them.


Me: That seems very hard Baba, particularly since they are the ones who have hurt you. The mind feels agitated. It wants to react. It wants to fight the inequality.

Sai: That is the nature of the mind. You must decide if you want to be peaceful or unhappy.

Me: But are they right in treating others unequally?

Sai: They can’t see that. Remember that I dwell in each one, regardless of his errors. If you wish, you can look for me in them, and then it won’t seem so hard to forgive them.

It always amazes me how Baba makes everything so simple. If only we could follow his advice, we could all be so much more peaceful. Om Sai Ram


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