Is It Sinful To Be Gay?

Q: Is it a sin to be gay? Will I be deprived of God’s love for this mistake?

A: Dear K

Know that deprivation and fear are human emotions and do not exist in the Creators realm. When someone suggests that you will be deprived of the Lords love, they are speaking of their personal perception of who God is. These beliefs have been embedded in their minds across eons of time from the collective unconscious.

As humanity fell from purity and grace,

several truths were distorted, manipulated and disfigured to create fear and separation among humans. From oneness we drifted towards I-ness which led to the need for external power, better understood as force by the aware soul.

Society has always shunned those

that chose, for whatever reasons, to be different. If you did not follow the rule, if you were odd or did anything that seemed unfamiliar or not commonly understood, you were ostracized.

So healers, true men and women of God

were burnt at the stake, truth was silenced and fear was spread amongst all of humanity so that we could remain imprisoned within our beliefs and our soul was no longer free to soar into the heavenly planes and gain a direct experience of God himself. After all who would fear the kings or self proclaimed men of God if God himself were to become known to us all?

It was these very men of power

that chose to distort the essence of sexuality which in its original form was a gift of memory meant to give mortals a taste of the cosmic consciousness. The experience of orgasm was an experiential memory, a mere speck of the bliss of that wholeness that was ours before we broke away from source and traveled down in part to learn and grow.

Perhaps that is why sexuality awakened

in the body when the child’s memory of his cosmic connection started to fade at puberty. He now needed to be reminded of his divine connection.

The union of man and woman symbolized

the union of the yin and yang energies within us, serving to constantly remind us that holding and thrusting, giving and receiving, nurturing and providing, action and stillness, male and female were aspects of ourselves that we were here to gather and experience within ourselves so we could become whole.

Although our journey towards evolution

is individual, God has given us symbols that serve as clues or guiding signs to comprehend the universal principle of as without so within. When a man and a woman mate in love they create a beautiful child which upon being born carries the essence and purity of God. This is hugely symbolic. For when we balance our male and female aspects within us, we too create the birth of a new innocence within that is as pure and complete as the image of the Lord himself.

Sexuality was meant to be a mere reminder

of the deeper reasons to be here. It was meant to remind us of the feeling of being complete, of being at oneness with God. It was about uniting through love not fornicating, abusing, violating and making the other less than they already were. Sexuality was meant to awaken us not throw us deeper into the dark pit of separation and pain.

Unfortunately we do not remember this when our souls descend onto the earth plane. Our I-ness makes us sow hurt, pain, and pathos instead of love, forgiveness and joy. And these very experiences can sometimes cause young souls to choose homosexuality as an escape from pain itself.

If such a soul has seen his wife being brutally

raped in a past life, anguished and traumatized, it may decide it will never again let this happen and may consequently choose to be gay in the next life to insulate itself from being trapped in a similar situation.

Or if a woman of rich origin becomes the cause of unrelenting torture being meted out to her socially unacceptable lover causing him to die in the face of her helplessness she may swear she will never let this happen again and chose to be born as a man with homosexual tendencies.

Such souls choose milder experiences

and easier lives so as to buy time in the subsequent life to integrate the pain of the past. The deep trauma and suffering of their past life remains undigested even after giving up their physical body and numbed by this unresolved pain they give themselves a kind of shut down command such as, I will never again encounter this experience. From a cosmic perspective it appears that these souls had bitten off more than they could chew or were ready for in that particular lifetime.

These souls carry the anguish of their earthly

experiences into their soul state, which ideally they should have discarded before entering the higher realms causing confusion about the gender choice in their next birth, leading to a kind of false protection by choosing a homosexual status.

When I asked the creator this question

in my meditations I was told that these young souls are still equipping themselves to learn and integrate harder soul lessons. A female energy in a male body is like a woman wearing a protective male armour to engage in the earthly battle. They believe they need additional protection and want to obscure their infirmities disguising their true feelings on this journey and preparing to take on harder choices only in subsequent lives.

They may instead choose in this life to explore

their creativity, enjoy the pleasures of being human without the threats and pain that accompany harder lives with steeper lessons. Being young souls they might also strive towards controlling, balancing and taming their carnal tendencies. But by no means are they committing a sin or are unworthy of the creators love.

One could say they are different

but then isn’t every one of us different in some way? Isn’t it the diversity that makes life so interesting and mysterious? Isn’t it that which contributes to the collective experience of being whole? Isn’t wholeness the only way back to the Lord and what each one of us is eventually striving for?

And hence isn’t shunning homosexuals

a sure way to keep us separate from the Lord because we are causing drifts and separation as against oneness and unity? And isn’t that exactly what the power brokers of organised religion and the so called self proclaimed men of God been attempting to do since time immemorial?

Perhaps the time is ripe now

as earth shifts into a new consciousness to give up our prejudices and embrace all equally. It is time to dispel old hearsay and untruths and ask the creator directly to guide us about our uncertainties. It is time to embrace all diversity and envision oneness instead of shunning those that do not conform to the narrow confines of our past thinking.



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