Soul Guidance from a Newborn

A two month old baby was admitted

into the hospital for a surgical procedure. His father had recently enrolled himself in the journey of spiritual awakening under my guidance as a mentee.  A strange confluence of events had brought him to me under rather interesting circumstances.

That meeting had awakened a strong urge in him to discover the divine path, and to me it seemed no coincidence that all this had happened barely nine days after the birth of this baby. It appeared as though this child had a soul contract with his parents to activate and assist in their spiritual evolution.

Minutes before the baby was taken

into the operation theater, the father felt stirrings of fear and anxiety in the pit of his stomach. Though he had steadfast faith in the divine, he felt the forces of faith and fear battling in his mind.

As he sat in prayerful silence outside the OT, he connected with his son’s higher consciousness and powerful thoughts streams suddenly began to flood his mind. His son’s soul began speaking to him, giving him clear wisdom to calm and settle the storm that was raging in him.

Just as you welcome an outstation guest visiting your city for personal business into your home, know that I too am a visitor on my spiritual journey who has stopped by at your earthly home for a while to undertake the business of my spiritual evolution.

Extend to me the human gifts of your hospitality just as you would extend all conveniences’ to your house guest by offering him a comfortable living space, transportation, and food.

Give me the space and freedom to complete whatever business I have come here to accomplish.

Help me in all ways to explore this earthly plane as you would help the outstation visitor reach unknown destinations in your city.

Support me to reach my potential without controlling or stifling my expression.

Always remember I am a cosmic visitor in your home, here on my personal business.

Deeply moved, the father bowed

to the divinity in his son and sent him forth for the procedure with a still mind and a peaceful heart. The experience allowed him to see that this was no helpless infant but a supremely wise and divine soul that was accomplished in more ways than he could comprehend, to deal not just with this surgical procedure, but all other challenges that his soul had chosen to undergo to support his evolution under the tutelage and welcoming hospitality of his chosen earth parents.

The surgery went off perfectly well

and a few hours later the father sent me a message saying that his son was in a playful mood and interestingly he had also begun to recognize them straight after the surgery. I smiled to myself wondering if this was the soul’s way of expressing gratitude to his parents for their love and care.



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