Soul Lessons

I had an interesting session with a client today that drove home the importance of recognizing our soul lessons. I witnessed how a young man’s soul had set up difficult experiences, so painful to this human existence, as a reminder of his unlearnt soul lesson.

His was a difficult and unfulfilled marriage

that eventually ended in the untimely death of his wife, most unexpectedly. As we put the pieces of the puzzle together through objects found and hidden diaries, there emerged the evidence of an unfulfilled extra marital love interest, the search for happiness and control over life and her eventual untimely departure from this incarnation.

Despite both spouses wanting to separate and go their own ways for years they hadn’t for the fear of what people would say and societal pressures.

If only my client had practiced the soul lesson of Courage

to defy social pressure and choose what he had truly wanted, their destinies might have been different. As he rummaged through his memories he found so many instances when life had tried to teach him courage but he was too busy just existing that he hadn’t noticed.

When we do not learn our soul lessons over and over again, our soul inflicts difficult penalties, urging us to remember what we came into this incarnation for and our earth lessons become more difficult.

Are you aware of your soul lessons?



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