Spirit Attachement – A Fresh Perspective

Somehow the words spirit attachment have always brought forth a feeling of dread. At first there is the fear of having been attacked by some unseen force. Then perhaps the anxiety of what these body-less entities might do to you. If you manage to get past these initial apprehensions, you might be flummoxed with the inevitable transference effects, physical, emotional and intellectual that these spirits impose upon you as their minds blend into your energy body.

Now i must confess here that even though I’ve had the opportunity to observe this phenomenon extensively, it still bothers me at some level. Perhaps it is the violation of the free will principle that attachments are routinely accused of (after all no one in their right senses would open their auras to invite spirits in) that make them appear daunting anti- human elements, or the fact that they rob you of your energy supply (yes, they do drain you), and influence how you act, think and choose, violating your autonomy.

Last though not the least, they certainly prevent you from enjoying a deeper connection with God (I have often judged and blamed them for trespassing my prayers … God forgive me for this unloving act on my part). Yes, there have been times when they have dissuaded my clients from coming in for therapy, meditating, praying, studying or acting in responsible ways. The accusations against them are long winding, but today I had a remarkable new unraveling about them, that is perhaps more loving, and offers a new paradigm.

All things in this universe have their place. If the universe functions on the principle of economy and order, then any error will be automatically adjusted in order to make the new order work. So if people who die get stuck in the middle world as spirits, obstructing their own evolutionary process, the universe will assign some other ways of making their stay in the middle world useful. Nothing in this universe is wasteful or unproductive, so spirits also serve a purpose.


Now you all know that birds of a feather flock together and that like attracts like. The principle of attractor frequencies will attract only those spirits to you that carry the same damage in their souls that you do. It’s a different matter that you may be blind to this damage. But by identifying the level of consciousness at which they are attached to you (one can use the David Hawkins Scale), it becomes possible to determine the damage that is unresolved in us. In this way spirits attachments become indicators of the hidden flaws in our soul. They are navigators of the impurities in us or the unloving behaviour that we unconsciously experience or act out. So in a sense, when these spirits attach to us, they do us a great service by drawing our attention to what needs healing and repair. Viewed in this manner, they no longer appear scary, threatening or anti human, but rather as feedback providers from the unseen world. For if the damage did not exist in us, these spirits would neither be attracted to us, nor would they be able to exist in our energy fields. The only question that still remains unanswered is, how do you know if you have spirits attached?
More on that at another time.


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