16. Wounds Spontaneously Healed

She was a victim of physical violence

in her marriage, childhood neglect from her parents and endless unanswered questions hiding beneath the timid and fearful demeanor. She sat in my clinic on the edge of the sofa unable to find her voice. Her business partner and friend who had accompanied her to this session spoke on her behalf for most of the intake interview.

Just as I asked her to move onto my recliner,

a feeble and almost incomprehensible voice asked for a drink of water. As she reached out to hold the glass I noticed three rude gashes on her left arm. They were swollen, angry and red in color; had she tried to end her life recently, I wondered.

Her partner noticed my gaze

and went onto to explain that she had tried to kill herself and end her meaningless existence by cutting her veins two years ago in a fit of rage. As her senses began to fade and the blood gushed out, her 7 year old son begged her to go to the hospital. It was he who had rescued her that day. But the wounds had not healed even in two years. They were swollen and painful to the touch as was her life.

She went into trance as swiftly

as a hot knife through butter and experienced the most vivid and amazing regression to another life during World War 2 which unraveled mysteries about her husband and the business partner/ friend who had accompanied her on that day. The room was filled with the drama of that time complete with all the emotions and catharsis that accompany such a vivid reliving.

After she experienced her death

by being crushed in an aeroplane crash her soul rose above and she found herself in the heavenly planes between lives. There she encountered her guardian angel who has been mentoring her evolution through every single birth since her first human incarnation including her present one. She also met her guiding divinity whom she recognized instantly in that state of deep trance even though she had no knowledge of this at the intake interview where she said she only believed in the power of Om.

After three and a half hours she emerged

from the session smiling. Something within her had transformed. There was a glow on her face and a certain peace that was unmistakable. Her friend joined us in the room and the minute he saw her he exclaimed, something about her has changed. Her energy feels so different. Through all of this she remained beaming as if something had awakened within her.

On looking at her watch she exclaimed,

Oh my God, it’s been three and a half hours but it seemed like only 45 minutes to me. It was my turn to smile and I went on to explain the concept of time warp when one travels into the timeless planes where she had just been.

Later that evening she called to thank me,

her voice now strong and confident. Then she added; I have to tell you this, two of the three bruises on my arm have healed miraculously. The swelling has completely subsided and the stitches have become white in color. My son is so happy to see these wounds healed she exclaimed.20130719_121112

 Thank the divine, I said, for what you have witnessed

today is the power of Spontaneous Divine Healing. As I put her phone down, I felt tears of gratitude brimming in my eyes. I closed them briefly and said a prayer of thanks to the Lord for having given me the opportunity to witness his miracle.

Deep seated trauma can prevent the body from healing. When these hurts are resolved and the grief is healed through catharsis and insight, healing becomes possible at the deepest cellular levels. If you are overwhelmed with grief and past hurts, call me now and choose to heal your life.

Set yourself free. Let go and Let God enter your life. 

Love & Light to all those who are hurting



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